Biden Wants IRS Monitoring Americans’ Bank Accounts

There are no limits the Biden administration won’t employ for more power and control. Right now, the White House is in the middle of trying to enact an unlawful coronavirus vaccine mandate onto businesses across America.

Biden’s also allowing the United States to be overrun with illegal immigrants at the southern border. Thanks to Biden’s useless immigration policies and him rolling back measures that former President Trump had in place, Border Patrol officials are having a nightmare every working day.

This isn’t all, though. Biden’s poll numbers are continuing to tank by the day; however, this isn’t stopping the president from making yet another power grab. In real-time, the Democrat president is working to have the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) directly monitor Americans’ private banking information, as confirmed by Breitbart News.

Biden’s War on Privacy Rights and Private Banking

What the president is pushing for would have significantly harmful implications on Americans’ privacy rights and private banking. Right now, Biden wants Congress to pass a law that would mandate banks turn over financial information of Americans with $600+ in money and/or overall transactions.

Biden believes that by making this the new law, the IRS would manage to gather an extra $460 billion in ten years’ time. Of course, the president wants to use these funds to pay for his silly and expensive big government programs and the socialist Green New Deal.

This proposal, if it becomes law, would create a headache for many banks, especially smaller ones. This is why these financial organizations are pushing back against what this president is attempting to do.

Likewise, Biden’s work to have the IRS in tens of millions of Americans’ private banking information has not come up as congressional Democrats work out changes they want to make regarding U.S. taxes. This could, therefore, be a sign that even Democrats in Congress aren’t so sold on this idea.

Infringements on Individual Rights

Since the inception of Biden’s presidency, he’s shown an absolute disregard for the individual rights of Americans. This president wants total government control; this is why he’s trying to pass illegal COVID vaccine mandates now.

It’s also why Biden signed an executive order earlier this year to target gun owners nationwide. Thankfully, Republican governors stepped in to block this order from being enforced in their states.

As Biden continues to behave as a mad king, rather than as a president, Republican governors across the nation are a critical line of defense against tyranny and authoritarianism.

This joke of a commander in chief cannot be allowed to get his way, especially when it comes to the private financial transactions of the American people.

What do you think about Biden trying to get banks to turn over Americans’ financial transaction information to the IRS, once these transactions reach $600 and above? Let us in on your views below in the comments section.