Biden Under Pressure to Begin Racial Reparations Handouts

When running for president, Joe Biden made a lot of commitments to various groups and organizations. This was clearly a strategy to get into power; yet, now that Biden’s got the White House, his base wants him to follow through on his promises.

This has become apparent as progressives up the pressure on Biden to do away with student loan debt. Likewise, Democrats continue to press the president to act on climate change initiatives and other matters.

One of these matters deals with racial reparations. Organizations that are focused on racial justice now claim that Biden has an obligation to take serious steps towards reparations, per The Hill.

Leftist Calls For Biden to Begin Reparations Handouts

Various racial advocacy groups are of the view that Biden needs to get a move on reparations. This is why the president received a letter, urging him to put together a commission on investigating reparations and then dispersing them to black Americans.

Organizations like Black Voters Matter Fund, Color of Change, etc., also want this commission to be formally put into law through Congress. Moreover, these groups are giving the president until Sunday, June 19 to make this happen.

The left-wing argument here is that reparations from the government will play a role in combating racism directed toward black Americans.

Likewise, these racial advocacy groups are saying there’s no time left to wait and the president needs to prioritize this as part of his agenda.

Controversy Surrounding Reparations

Reparations are inherently controversial for a number of reasons.

For starters, people today who would be getting reparations as proposed were never slaves. Likewise, people who would be giving out reparations were also never owners of slaves.

Secondly, there’s the economic factor. Passing legislation that leads to a reparations commission and eventual distribution of reparations would undoubtedly increase the national deficit and taxes.

At a time when economists are telling the country to prepare for a possible recession during next year, more spending is not appropriate. In fact, it would make life worse for all Americans, including those who racial advocacy groups claim to be fighting for.

At this time, it remains to be seen how the president responds to calls for him to put together a commission focused on reparations.

Biden’s angered and let down his base before. In light of this, leftists wanting the president to go all in on reparations shouldn’t be shocked if this fails to pan out the way they’d like it to.

What do you think about far-left groups calling for the president to put together a commission on racial reparations handouts and then codify it into law? We’re eager to get your thoughts about this in the comments area below.