Biden Under Fire For Potential Tax Evasion

Across the country, many Americans believe the Biden family has used its name in order to cut deals with foreign governments and otherwise engage in shady behavior.

During Biden’s time as vice president, his son, Hunter Biden, engaged in all sorts of business affairs overseas. Hunter is alleged to have repeatedly tossed around his father’s name, making promises and whatnot.

Biden, on the other hand, claims to know nothing about what his son was up to during this period. Nevertheless, information recovered from Hunter’s laptop tells a completely different story.

With time, more details continue to come out. According to PJ Media, likely issues with Biden’s taxes could now be a factor.

Potential Tax Evasion?

Between March 2017 to February 2018, Hunter Biden is believed to have paid a monthly fee of $49,910 for a home rental. Hunter documented this when he was filing out the paperwork to complete a background check.

However, when Joe Biden was doing his taxes for 2017 and 2018, he failed to make any note of these $49,910 payments.

Instead, the now-president reported rent payments of $19,800 for 2017. Then, in 2018, there was nothing showing Biden earned any income from rent money.

Either Biden or Hunter is not being truthful. However, the likelihood of Biden not declaring all his income on his taxes seems greater than the probability of Hunter lying about how much he pays in rent.

After all, the former stands to gain quite a bit from not declaring everything; the latter has a lot less to gain from lying under these conditions.

What Else?

This latest discrepancy concerning Biden’s taxes in 2017 and 2018 may only be the tip of the iceberg. Right now, the president still remains not forthcoming about all that his family has been involved in over the years.

Republicans, on the other hand, are promising to probe the Biden family, get to the bottom of possible corruption, and ensure the American people get the answers they deserve.

Hunter Biden could also be facing a series of legal issues that go beyond tax problems. The first son has been linked to prostitution, human trafficking, and a host of other crimes.

The media’s also seen headlines of Hunter petitioning the courts to keep at least one of his children from having the surname Biden. All the way around, the situation looks to be a mess, rather than the picture of a leading political family with their affairs in order.

What else comes to the forefront later down the line remains to be seen.

Do you believe that Joe Biden cheated on his taxes from 2017 to 2018? What do you think about the major gaps in rent payments that Biden is said to have collected? You’re welcome to share your ideas in the comments area.