Biden Under Fire for Botched Response to Crime Increases


For years, the Democrat Party has chosen to support criminals and attack police officers. During the height of the pandemic, Democrats worked to let dangerous criminals out of prison; meanwhile, these same Democrats are now fighting to defund police and do away with qualified immunity for law enforcement officers. 

One of the greatest examples of the Democrat Party supporting criminals exists in San Francisco. The liberal city officials, in their infinite wisdom, chose to prohibit law enforcement from stopping or punishing theft worth less than $950. As a result, shoplifting is higher than ever in San Francisco and stores within the area are shutting up shop. 

In the Democrat Party, the rotten leadership sadly starts from the very top. According to Breitbart News, close to five in ten voters are not pleased with how Biden’s responded to the growth of crime in the United States. 

Biden’s America: Crime Running Amuck

Yesterday, a poll run by Washington Post/ABC News officially became public. This poll provides some very real insight into how Americans view this president’s response to lawlessness. 

According to the numbers, only 38% of voters agree with how Biden is managing crime in the United States; meanwhile, 48% disagree with the 46th president’s management of lawlessness in America. 

The number also show this: 53% of voters understand that stricter anti-gun laws will not curb crime. However, 51% of voters do believe that amping up the enforcement of present gun control restrictions will drive down crime. 

Finally, 55% of voters told Washington Post/ABC News that increasing capital for police departments in America will help tackle crime. 

This latest poll comes after a recent survey showing that President Biden is gradually losing support and favor from members of the Democrat Party. This president’s approval ratings also remain on a decline that stems back to April 2021. 

Poor Damage Control from the White House

Despite putting on airs to the contrary, the White House knows that Biden’s support across the nation is fading. Even folks who voted Biden into office are growing more and more sick of him as time goes on. 

Several days ago, the White House attempted to restore Biden’s image by alleging that Republicans bear responsibility for defunding the police. Everyone knows this is false; Republican mayors didn’t yank funding from city police departments, but Democrat mayors sure did.

Branding the GOP as the party of defunding the police is shockingly outlandish, even for the Biden administration. The White House continues to prove its lack of touch with reality and inability to face truths regarding Biden’s leadership. 

What do you think about President Biden’s response to crime going up in the United States? Do you believe this president is bringing about solutions or only making things worse? Sound off below in the section reserved for comments.