Biden: Trump "Fanning the Flames of Hate!"

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Joe Biden continues to attack President Trump as a means of diverting attention from his campaign’s own shortcomings.
Throughout his time as a 2020 presidential candidate, Biden has insulted voters and people in the press; he’s also facing multiple sexual assault allegations and has made off-the-cuff comments about what determines whether someone is black.

Days ago, Biden officially clinched the Democrat Party’s nomination. This means that the former vice president will, in fact, face off against Trump in the general election.
Now, Biden is attempting to puff himself up by going after President Trump. In a recent opinion piece for the Los Angeles Times, Biden covered George Floyd, coronavirus, and why he believes Americans should vote for him.
The former vice president also laced various untrue remarks about Trump throughout the op-ed.

What to Know About Biden’s Opinion Piece for the Los Angeles Times

The former vice president kicked off his op-ed by lamenting the plight of “lives stolen” by police officers. After invoking the names of Breona Taylor, George Floyd, and others, Biden slammed President Trump for mentioning Floyd’s name when discussing the return of jobs in America.
Following this, the former vice president stated that “systemic racism” exists in the United States. He cited COVID-19 as an example of so-called systemic racism and professed that individuals’ skin color can “endanger [their] lives.”

After calling for change and mentioning segments of history that suit his narrative, Biden pivoted to why Americans should vote for him. Per the former vice president’s own words, a “national police oversight commission” will come into inception if he defeats Trump in November.
Finally, Biden concluded his opinion piece by accusing Trump of “fanning the flames of hate” and ushering “fear and division” into America.
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