Biden Triggers Outrage With Border Wall Around His Delaware Home

Ever since Joe Biden got into office, the southern border’s been facing an ongoing series of problems.

Biden’s administration will not get serious about upholding immigration laws. Meanwhile, the White House, under its current leadership, won’t even acknowledge the existence of problems at the southern border.

However, this is an issue that governors of border states like Arizona and Texas don’t have the luxury of ignoring. Both Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott have each spoken out about the federal government’s lack of action on the southern border.

This is especially notable for Hobbs, given that the newly elected Arizona governor is a Democrat.

Though while Biden continues to resist building a wall along the southern border, he’s got no problems having a wall constructed around his Delaware beach home, according to MSN.

A Gross Display of Hypocrisy

Biden and his supporters have gone on record saying that a border wall won’t work. When the wall was being built during the Trump administration, critics ripped the wall as racist, ineffective, and a waste of money.

Yet, somehow, this same train of thought is not being applied to the very border wall that Biden is having set up around his beach home in Delaware. To add insult to injury, the president is also having this wall constructed on the dime of the American taxpayer.

To many Americans, this is just an example of “rules for thee, but not for me.” The wall for Biden’s beach home shows that when push comes to shove, he does understand that walls are effective.

However, it’s not effective for Biden politically to agree to build a wall on the US southern border. This would largely cut back on illegal immigration, which is not something the president’s base of supporters wants.

No Accountability

Throughout various scandals and controversies faced by this president, the White House has repeatedly provided cover for him, rather than being honest with the public. This time around, Americans shouldn’t expect anything different.

At the end of the day, regardless of how Biden or his allies try to spin this, the truth is clear. If a wall is good enough to protect the president’s beach home from unwanted intruders, then a wall is also good enough to protect the southern border from unwanted intruders.

There’s no debate about this and no practical way of getting around this. For the remainder of the president’s time in office, Americans should brace themselves for more double standards, no accountability, and greater levels of hypocrisy.

What do you think about Joe Biden’s decision to build a border wall around his own beach home, while refusing to have a wall built on the southern border? Let us know in the comments area.