Biden Trades New Blows With Joe Manchin

Joe Biden has a bad habit of making comments that are tone-deaf and not at all aligned with where the majority of the country stands.

Right now, Biden wants Americans to focus on driving electric vehicles. This was something that Joe Biden spoke about during one of his latest public addresses. Meanwhile, Americans are wondering how they’re going to afford gas and groceries.

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Because of the current trajectory that Biden’s rhetoric is on, he’s been called out by none other than Sen. Joe Manchin. Despite them both being Democrats, Manchin and Biden have publicly sparred before.

Manchin warned that Biden’s comments about a nationwide shutdown of coal plants weren’t aligned with reality. Now, the president is fighting back, as documented by Washington Examiner.

Manchin vs. Biden: the Latest Edition

In response to the West Virginia senator slamming his comments about coal plant shutdowns, Biden issued a statement via his press secretary.

According to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the president’s comments were supposedly taken out of context. Jean-Pierre later proceeded to claim the United States is in the middle of an “energy transition” and working towards clean energy generation.

However, Biden failed to address the heart of Manchin’s points. The West Virginia Democrat also pointed out that Biden isn’t paying attention to the issues Americans are facing with growing costs of energy.

Finally, Manchin called out the president for lacking policies that will allow this country to be energy independent and prosperous.

Biden has sadly opted to turn to other nations for oil, even when the United States is more than capable of domestic production that would be cheaper and more effective.

Out of Touch

If there’s anything the statement from the White House proves, it’s that Biden remains out of touch with voters. This is all the more reason why midterms candidates endorsed by the president are not projected to win their elections.

Americans who can barely pay the bills aren’t thinking about green or clean energy. Though if the White House were to pursue an energy independent agenda, this would help lower gas costs for the country.

At this point, Joe Biden continues to show the country exactly what he stands for and what his reinforcements in Congress will stand for unless they’re booted out of office on Tuesday.

Thankfully, polls show that a massive red wave is coming in about 48 hours from now.

What do you make of the White House’s response to Biden being called out on his remarks about shutting down coal plants? Do you believe the president is truly focusing on issues that matter most to voters at this time?

In the comments area below, you are more than welcome to share your feedback.