Biden Threatens Nursing Homes with Loss of Federal Funds

Joe Biden’s incompetence and lack of fitness to be president continues to materialize. Biden just caused an international crisis with his misguided means of removing U.S. troops out of Afghanistan. Thanks to the 46th president’s poor judgment, the Taliban has made a comeback.

Biden can’t admit that he was wrong and he continues to make excuses. Furthermore, the longer the Biden presidency carries out, the more tyrannical it becomes. This is a sad state of affairs; however, it is what Trump and other conservatives warned about throughout the 2020 presidential election.

As it turns out, Biden’s latest target is now nursing homes. The president maintains that if nursing homes want to continue getting federal funds, they must require all their staffers to receive the COVID vaccine, per Breitbart News.

Biden’s Ultimatum for Nursing Homes in America

Ultimately, Biden plans to use the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as a vehicle to do his dirty work. On Wednesday, Americans learned that Biden instructed HHS to mandate the vaccination of nursing home workers as a condition for these facilities getting Medicaid and Medicare funds.

Of course, the White House is claiming that the Delta variant heightens the need for nursing home workers to get the COVID vaccine. A White House aide furthermore stated that the Biden administration is “leaning in” to get more shots in arms.

Across America, there are 1.3 million people working for nursing homes that rely upon the aforementioned federal funds. Biden knows this; it’s why he’s made nursing homes his latest target of more mandates and government intervention.

Biden’s latest mandate for nursing homes comes amid news that he’s also looking into a vaccine mandate for interstate travel. It’s worth noting that many of the same people cheering on all these mandates were screaming that former President Trump was an authoritarian during his time in office.

The Irony of Biden and Nursing Homes

Biden has been very quick to implement mandates on nursing homes. However, the president hasn’t shown nearly as much interest in New York nursing homes that outgoing Governor Andrew Cuomo forced to take in COVID patients.

As a matter of fact, Biden shut down the Justice Department from even investigating Cuomo’s forcing of these patients into nursing homes. Biden interfered with the investigation despite the fact that Cuomo’s decision lead to more deaths, deaths that he later tried to hide.

Unfortunately, Biden only cares about nursing homes when it’s politically convenient or when he can implement more government control.

What do you think about President Biden threatening nursing homes with the loss of federal funding? Do you believe Biden’s latest order is about protecting health or exerting more government control over others? Let us get your thoughts below in the comments section.