Biden Taking Heat Over Plan to Have IRS Monitor Bank Accounts

At this point, most Americans have heard of Biden’s so-called Build Back Better agenda. One portion of this agenda entails puffing up the IRS with new agents and more funding. Furthermore, Biden’s goal is to have the IRS witness the direct, individual transactions of Americans.

First, the president set $600 in transactions per year as the marker which would give the IRS leeway to oversee banking accounts. Then, after massive pushback, the number jumped to $10,000 in transactions per year.

Critics aren’t happy with the plan to let the IRS prod around in the bank accounts of the American people. Critics are furthermore describing this as government overreach and a violation of Americans’ privacy.

Breitbart News now confirms the GOP is upping criticism against Biden over this IRS surveillance plan.

Another Blow for the Biden Administration

House Republicans are calling out President Biden for trying to use the IRS as a weapon to go after ordinary Americans. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, along with other GOP lawmakers, declared this proposal as disastrous for the middle class.

McCarthy and other House Republicans also noted the Biden administration is looking for every spare dollar it can find to pay for an expensive spending bill. As it turns out, Republicans aren’t the only ones who have qualms with the IRS surveillance plan.

In an interesting turn of events, 20 Democrat lawmakers penned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer about this matter. The letter states that these Democrat lawmakers support people paying their taxes, yet also believe this “overly broad” initiative lacks critical privacy protections.

The bipartisan pushback against this proposal serves as a significant blow to the Biden administration. It will be interesting to see whether or not the 20 Democrats who wrote to Pelosi and Schumer stand their ground and refuse to vote for any bill with this proposal.

Saving America from Disaster

It is absolutely vital that this IRS surveillance plan does not pass. Allowing the IRS to prod and poke around in individuals’ bank accounts is a nightmare.

If a situation arises where authorities believe an individual has committed financial crimes, these authorities can obtain a warrant to look into their finances.

Giving the IRS blanket power in the aforementioned fashion is unacceptable and un-American. The Biden administration wants the public to believe this is about making wealthy folks “pay their fair share”; yet, there are plenty of folks who aren’t wealthy and have more than $10,000 going through their accounts each year.

No matter how the Biden administration tries to spin this proposal, it’s a tyrannical power grab that gives the federal government way too much power. It cannot pass into law.

What do you think about rising pushback against Biden’s IRS surveillance plan? Do you believe the IRS should be able to oversee virtually every American’s financial transactions? Let us know in the comments section below.