Biden Takes on Anti-Obamacare Democrats

As the 2020 presidential election goes on, Joe Biden is fighting with his in-party contenders about healthcare, according to Breitbart News. The political divide between moderates and progressives is a theme which has been ongoing within the left-wing for quite some time and on multiple levels. Put simply, these two wings of the Democrat Party have very different notions on the approach which they view as most conducive to beating President Trump.

Biden and other moderate Democrats sparred with their progressive counterparts during last week’s second primary debate. Moderates argued that extremism on healthcare and other policies will actually alienate Americans and hand over 2020 to the president; progressives, by contrast, made the claim that bold, structural reform is needed to energize the Democrat Party and foster enough support to defeat Trump.

Biden vs. Medicare-for-All

Democrats who oppose Obamacare are largely supportive of Medicare-for-All, a popular socialist form of healthcare which Biden is not currently backing. Instead of getting behind Medicare-for-All like the progressives within his party, Biden believes that expanding upon Obamacare is the best way to go about fixing healthcare in America.

Reasonably thinking individuals are aware of the reality that both parties are incorrect here. Medicare-for-All is an absolute nightmare, but so was Obamacare. The worst part of the ACA involved forcing working people to either purchase unwanted, unaffordable healthcare or pay a penalty fee.

The fact that so many Americans chose to pay the penalty fee and cut their losses speaks volumes about what a colossal failure Obamacare turned out to be. Nevertheless, Biden remains bound and determined to bring it back.

The Flaws of Radical, Leftist Healthcare Proposals

During the second primary debates, moderates who opposed Medicare-for-All were accused of peddling “Republican talking points.” Quite frankly, if Democrats are taking their party so far left that moderate leftists are compared to Republicans, the Democrats are in big trouble.

Instead of using “Republican talking points” as buzzwords, perhaps progressives should wake up to the reality that Medicare-for-All is an astronomically terrible plan, even worse than Obamacare which moderates like Biden are supporting. Increasing taxes on the middle class to deliver poor quality of care to working people and free healthcare to invaders who sneak across the border is about as un-American as it gets.

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