Biden Supporter Now Staring Down Felony Charges

America continues to endure the negative consequences of rising political division in this country. Polling has consistently shown that people see those with opposing political perspectives as the enemy, rather than as decent folks who just disagree with them.

When Joe Biden was elected, he made all these promises about turning down the temperature and putting an end to division. However, the president has also abandoned these promises when he determined that attacking the character of Republicans could benefit him politically.

As this political division persists, one supporter of the current president is now staring down felony charges, due to her conduct involving Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz, per the Gateway Pundit.

A Criminal Outburst

Selena Chambers found herself at a wine festival in Florida days ago. Coincidentally, Gaetz also happened to be present at this event.

Apparently, Chamber was passing by Gaetz when she opted to toss her drink at him, before swearing and walking away. Though according to Chamber’s version of events, the wine that landed on the congressman’s shoulder was an accident.

Law enforcement feels differently, however. Since this incident transpired, the Florida woman has been arrested and faces charges of both battery and battery against an elected official. The latter also happens to be a felony, while the former is a misdemeanor.

Meanwhile, Gaetz has also moved to press charges against Chambers.

A Growing Problem Across America

Unfortunately, there are all too many examples of people physically attacking those with whom they disagree with on politics. Not only is this morally wrong, but it’s also criminal.

Time will tell how things shake out for Chambers and whether or not she ends up doing substantial time behind bars.

As the 2024 presidential election gets closer, there are concerns about the country potentially seeing more incidents like this one.