Biden Slips Up While Talking About Global Warming

For quite some time, Joe Biden has talked a big game when it comes to matters like climate change and global warming. Not only has Biden spoken at length about these issues, but he’s also thrown his weight behind policies accordingly.

Right now, the president is pushing for mandatory electric vehicles, as are others in his administration. Biden’s also made some comments that directly suggest gas stoves could be on the radar of things Democrats want to take out.

However, in recent remarks about global warming, Biden appeared confused and stumbled over his words while trying to make a point, per the Gateway Pundit.

Another Gaffe From Biden

Days ago, the president made an appeal to those who do not share his views about global warming. While speaking before an audience, Biden went so far as to claim that skeptics of his ideology ought to spend time “hang[ing] out” with him.

However, things really went off the rails when Biden continued by stating his critics should travel alongside him to each “major fire” he’s seen. This statement is demonstrably incoherent, yet it also fits a pattern with this president.

Biden’s previously been seen shaking hands with thin air, calling out for a US lawmaker who he already acknowledged as having passed away, and more.

Unfit for Office

The ability to communicate with the American people in a coherent fashion is one of the most basic mandates for one to serve as president. Yet, time and time again, Biden has shown that he can’t live up to this.

Already, news has broken that he’s planning to formally announce his reelection plans in a matter of days. If Biden is able to continue leading this country, especially for another four years, there’s no telling what other disasters are waiting for us all.