Biden Slammed for "Sucking Up" to the Radical Left

Former vice president turned 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden is currently the frontrunner of the Democrat Party, despite taking various hits. Since launching his presidential campaign, Biden has faced accusations of inappropriate physical contact with women and lacking the spine to effectively take on President Trump in a general election. The frontrunner also took heat for his previous work with segregationist senators and his statements regarding LGBTQ+ people.

Criticism against Biden is not mutually exclusive to progressives on the left-wing. Conservatives also take issue with Biden, namely the extent to which he will inevitably have to go in order to drum up enough Democrat support. The former vice president has repeatedly tried to maintain his political brand as a moderate, but this is getting more and more difficult. Last night, Fox News host Sean Hannity called Biden out for this.

Hannity on Biden and the Far-Left Radicals

In a nutshell, Hannity censured Biden for praising self-proclaimed socialist and House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Hannity also noted that Biden’s praise came after Ocasio-Cortez’s repeated criticism against Biden. Finally, the Fox News host stated that no matter how much Biden tries to curry favor with the progressives, they won’t ever rally behind him or offer their endorsement.

In Hannity’s own words:

“Biden is now pandering to every corner of this new extreme socialist Democratic party. ¬†Going so far as to describe congresswoman, the real Speaker of the House, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as both smart as hell and brilliant. Here’s the thing, Biden can try and suck up, cozy up to the new extreme left all he wants. They’re never going to accept him and never going to endorse him in the Democratic primary.”

The Shunning of Joe Biden

In spite of Biden’s goals to gain favor amongst the progressive wing of the Democrat Party, it’s not panning out very well for him. Quite frankly, a candidate like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren is more in line with someone to win the progressive backing. Immediately after Biden announced his 2020 presidential campaign, he was raked through the coals by Justice Democrats and other progressives. This ought to send a message to the former vice president.

Moreover, if Biden continues to go further and further to the left, he runs the risk of alienating the moderate wing of the Democrat Party where his support is the most robust. Only time will tell, but as it stands, Biden’s strength lies in being a moderate candidate despite the rising wave of radical progressivism.

Do you believe that Joe Biden will continue to move further to the left in the hopes of pandering to the progressives? Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments section down below.