Biden Slammed For Accusing GOP of Wanting to Defund Police

It’s safe to say that the movement to defund the police has done immense damage in the United States. It’s contributed to low morale amongst law enforcement, leading some to quit their jobs and retire earlier.

Defunding the police also tracks with a rise in crime across multiple communities. Offenders, knowing that less law enforcement is on the beat, become even more emboldened to go after innocent people.

Eventually, the Democrat Party realized that the rallying cry of “defund the police” was not a good one to be associated with. Though Joe Biden’s efforts to now tie this rallying cry to Republicans have massively backfired, as reported by Fox News.

A Low Blow, Even For Biden

While speaking at Pennsylvania’s Finishing Trades Institute, the president made comments about Republicans that are just not rooted in reality.

Before an audience, Biden claimed that “MAGA Republicans” are making demands to defund various police departments. Of course, this is simply not true. Republicans are the ones who have been rallying against defunding the police when Democrats were insisting that it had to be done.

Likewise, Republicans are the ones now trying to lower crime rates that have gone up, largely because of measures like defunding law enforcement.

It goes without saying that the president is facing a lot of backlash since making such false claims. Some of Biden’s critics declared that he’ll say or do anything to help his own side, even if it means flat-out lying to the American people.

Others suggested that if the president truly believes what he’s saying, then he faces some sort of cognitive decline or other psychological problems.

Meanwhile in the Real World

Various Democrats throughout different levels of government are on video, talking about why they believe funding should be taken away from police departments.

However, since this policy backfired, some Democrats have quietly walked back their support for defunding law enforcement. They’ve scrubbed it from their websites and moved behind the scenes to actually increase funds for police departments in their communities.

Nevertheless, none of this gives the president a free pass to lie and pass the blame onto Republicans. It’s unfair, dishonest, and it raises questions about what else Biden would be willing to lie about if he finds it to be politically expedient.

Right now, the president has yet to walk back his claims about Republicans and defunding law enforcement. All things considered, Americans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for Biden to retract his previous remarks about this matter and be honest.