Biden Regime Giving Money To Woke Colleges To Persecute Patriots

The reality of what’s now happening is staring every American in the face. The globalist-occupied American government known as the “Biden administration” has weaponized our federal agencies against the American people.

Sadly and disturbingly, this even includes key departments related to national security, such as the Department of Homeland Security. The latest example is going to destroy any faith you had left in higher education.

Biden Regime Busted Funding Anti-Conservative Hate in Colleges

DHS is currently headed up by a Cuban-American traitor named Alejandro Mayorkas. This man has done nothing to protect the southern border and lied about it constantly.

Now, evidence has been uncovered that the DHS’ Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant Program (TVTP) has been funneling money to college programs that lump Republicans and conservatives in with terrorists.

This is the Biden regime’s true face: an extremist, anti-American Maoist political organization that hates our country. It is a foreign conglomeration run by feckless globalist traitors who want to persecute and isolate all patriots as enemies of the state.

Funding Anti-American Hate

Specifically, the TVTP has been handing out a lot of money to woke professors and colleges to spout hate and incite violence against conservatives. This includes the University of Dayton, where dirty TVTP money funded the PREVENTS-OH program.

This program included speeches given by Antifa member Michael Loadenthal, saying conservatives and the Republican Party are criminals and extremists.

Others, such as Professor Alexander Hinton of Rutgers, compared conservatives and Fox News to the Cambodian Khmer Rouge, a communist genocide regime that murdered several million people.

What would you do if you believed your political opponents were genocidal maniacs? That is what woke academia is teaching students! They are getting money from the despicable Biden regime to do so!

The Bottom Line

Defund all of it.

A full congressional investigation needs to take place immediately regarding the treasonous actions of this administration and their attempted incitement of violence against American conservatives.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.