Biden Predicts Democrats Will Win Midterm Elections

At this point, the midterm elections are just a few days away. Democrats are trying all they can to win these races, including by bringing out former President Obama to stump for various embattled candidates.

Thus far, momentum and polls favor Republicans. GOP members are connecting with voters, laying out solutions for the problems Americans face, and explaining why left-wing policies are dangerous and extreme.

Despite polls and public sentiment turning against Democrats, they still want to put on a good face. This was made apparent by a prediction from Joe Biden regarding the midterms, as reported by Breitbart News.

The Latest From Biden on the Midterms

While leaving California, the president spoke to the media about what he thinks this upcoming Tuesday will bring. According to Biden, he has a “really good” feeling about the chances Democrats have in the midterms.

Furthermore, the president stated he’s “optimistic” that Democrats will expand their Senate majority and hold onto the House of Representatives. In making these predictions, Biden didn’t cite a single piece of data to back them up.

He did, however, let the media know he doesn’t believe they fairly cover the crowds that Democratic rallies attract. Today, the president will be in Pennsylvania with Obama in order to help Senate candidate John Fetterman make it across the finish line.

Fetterman is one of many Democrats across the country who is struggling and losing momentum to his GOP opponent.

Americans Want Better

Even if Biden did truly feel that his party was going to lose the midterms, it is unlikely he’d admit this to the media.

Nevertheless, it is very clear that most Americans want something different than what the past two years have brought. The economy is worse; the supply chain is worse and there’s no telling when issues like crime and drug trafficking near the southern border will be settled.

Plainly and simply, Democrats do not have a plan to get ahold of these issues. Instead, they want to deflect, blame Republicans, and focus on things like electric vehicles.

As Americans run into issues with crime and the economy, Democrats are choosing not to address these issues. They’re even trying to gaslight Americans into believing crime and economic problems aren’t a huge deal.

At the end of the day, the president can say whatever he wants to say in front of the media. The results on Election Day will ultimately reveal where Americans stand and which party is going to control Congress for the two years ahead.

What do you think about Joe Biden predicting that Democrats will do well in the upcoming midterm elections? Let us know in the comments area if you think the president is lying.