Biden: “Odd Man Out” Makes It Official

Gaff prone Joe Biden, the former Vice President of the United States, former U.S. senator from the state of Delaware, former Democratic Presidential nominee in 1988, and again in 2008, has once again tossed his weather-beaten hat into an overcrowded Presidential 2020 ring, for the third time.
The flattering “on again, off again” former Vice President finally declared his bid for the Presidency, after weeks of speculation in an online video clip on Thursday morning.
Biden at the tender age of 76 is a few years younger than his closest frontrunner rival socialist Bernie Sanders. However, unlike Sanders, Biden has an actual political record and a few accomplishments to run on. Although his moderate/progressive views on national issues within this field of far, far left extremist Democrats. It actually makes him the “odd-man-out” and painfully out of step with where the heart and soul of the party currently resides.
Which is perhaps the reason why Biden delayed his entrance into the presidential ring, along with perhaps his personal and political baggage. In turn, will once again become the focal point of his candidacy.
The brief video clip announcing his candidacy ironically demonstrated exactly what sets Biden apart from the Democratic pack, in that it was full of patriotic images of what makes America great. Those same core values that Trump supporters wear proudly on their red MEGA caps daily, which will once again make Biden among leftist extremists within his party a “three-time loser.”
The former Vice President tweeted out early Thursday morning, “The core value of this nation… our standing in the world… our very democracy…everything that has made America — America –is at stake. That’s why today I’m announcing my candidacy for President of the United States.”
Aside from being politically out-of-touch to where his party currently resides, Biden is an “old white guy,” with both personal and political baggage, that will definitely become the focal point and no doubt exploited by his opponents.
Granted Bernie falls within that same category (age wise), however Bernie actually transcends age my becoming the “lighting-rod” of the socialist movement within America, with millions of young people latching on to his socialist policies of free stuff, quite a departure from the capitalist model of individualism, working hard and achieving the “American Dream” that most of us subscribe too.
The former Delaware Senator has for weeks been rallying potential donors in an effort to gain momentum, realizing that candidates like Sanders and O’Rourke managed to raise within a 24-hour period, after launching their respective candidacy over $6 million dollars apiece.
The campaign is set for a mega-fundraiser in the Philadelphia, Thursday evening with Comcast executive David Cohen on hand to greet the latest addition to the roughly 20 candidates that have thus far officially announced they’re in. Biden is also scheduled to appear on Monday in Pittsburgh at a local union hall, challenging the President for those blue collar votes.
However the challenge for Biden (and there are many), is convincing voters that he can hang in there, for the long hall.
Many still remember his bid for the Presidency back in 1988. The then-senator from Delaware was considered one of the stronger candidates in the emerging Democratic field until he was accused of plagiarizing a speech by British politician Neil Kinnock. The scandal ended his 3-month campaign before it started, well before the start of the primaries and caucuses.
Biden took another bite of the apple in 2008, declaring his candidacy in January of 2007. However the aging VP simply never caught on, although he garnered positive support in opinion polls, his controversial and well-publicized gaffs marred his campaign, ultimately dropping to 5th place on the Iowa caucus, with a dismal 1% of the vote.
Although his gaffs have become both legendary and controversial and certainly an embarrassment for many within the Democratic Party, the biggest obstacle for Biden in this era of the hypersensitive “MeToo Movement” is reconciling his behavior towards woman, if that’s possible, with perhaps even more woman coming out publicly, now that he’s a declared candidate.