Biden Meeting with Law Enforcement Leaders on Monday

Crime is now rampant in America. As rates of murder, theft, sexual assault, and more increase in leftist cities, Democrats are to blame. Despite the revisionist history coming from the White House right now, it is the Democrat Party who chose to rally behind the defunding of police.

Leftist city officials were the ones who opted to cut funding for police; likewise, Democrat state leaders are the ones who chose to let prisoners out of jail back in 2020 during the pandemic. 

Multiple stats prove that crime increases are very much a problem right now; they’re a problem that even Democrats can no longer hide from. In a fresh report from Newsmax, it is confirmed that President Biden is meeting with law enforcement leaders on Monday.

What to Expect from Biden’s Meeting with Law Enforcement

On Friday, the White House shared the gist of what Americans can expect from Biden’s meeting with law enforcement this upcoming Monday. 

In a nutshell, the president plans to use the meeting as an opportunity to tout his own proposals. Biden is going to try and convince law enforcement leaders that his American Rescue Plan serves as a means of funding police departments; this will come as the White House continues pushing the false narrative that because the GOP opposed Biden’s expensive spending package, they by default supported defunding the police.

It also appears as though Biden will use Monday’s meeting to advance his gun control agenda. The White House confirmed just yesterday that the president will present to law enforcement leaders his plan to cut down on crimes committed with guns. This also arrives as the Democrat president has worked to pass gun control by executive action. 

Thankfully, Republican governors are not allowing President Biden to trample on the rights granted by the Second Amendment. Earlier this year, Biden even downplayed the importance of the Second Amendment, claiming that no amendment is “absolute.” 

The Bigger Picture at Hand

Here’s the reality: members of Biden’s party have spent over a year trashing police and law enforcement. Even before the defund the police movement started, leftists were calling to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). 

Despite the Democrat Party collectively trying to distance itself from the consequences of defunding police, there are still individual Democrats who want to see this happen. Many leftists are still downplaying crime outbreaks across the nation and calling to remove funding from police departments. 

When Biden meets with law enforcement on Monday, it is highly unlikely that he’ll acknowledge the role his own party played in the present crime crisis. 

What do you believe will come of President Biden’s meeting with law enforcement officials this Monday? We look forward to learning your thoughts in the comments section below.