Biden Making Additional Moves to Destroy Energy Independence

At this point, many Americans are scratching their heads and wondering why Joe Biden has such a deep-seated vendetta against US energy independence. It’s not doing the country any good.

From striking down Keystone XL Pipeline to banning oil and gas drilling (before a court order forced Biden to reverse this ban), the president has continuously demonstrated an interest in destroying the energy sector in America.

Yet another obvious indicator is Biden’s choice to nominate someone for the Office of Comptroller of the Currency who declared the energy sector in this nation needs to go bankrupt.

Before Thanksgiving, Biden tapped into America’s emergency oil supply to alleviate the higher gas prices people are paying since he made US energy production harder.

On Friday, however, Americans learned the 46th president is working to increase the costs associated with oil and gas drilling, according to Breitbart News.

Another Blow to US Energy Independence

In a nutshell, Biden is having the US Interior Department implement new fees that oil drillers are going to have to pay in order to work on federal lands. The obvious idea behind all this is to complicate the process of federal oil drilling.

Nevertheless, around 25% of the United States’ oil and gas comes from the very drilling Biden is trying to shut down. As the president works to implement these new fees to further throttle energy independence, he’s also looking into the shutdown of Michigan’s Line 5 pipeline.

If Biden keeps going on this course, a major and critical US resource is going to be harder to come upon. Still, this president continues working to gut the energy sector in America.

Biden’s actions make it very clear he doesn’t care about the casualties or destruction that will stem from hurting America’s ability to produce and access energy.

The Unfortunate Irony

As Biden deals one blow after the other to energy independence and production in America, he’s simultaneously questioning the rise in gas prices. Even some members of the president’s own party are calling for him to knock it off.

Earlier this week, West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin stated Biden needs to restore Keystone XL, the pipeline which Biden gutted in January. Manchin stated this restoration is key to America’s ability to produce energy in the US and without dependence upon OPEC.

Thus far, the 46th president hasn’t indicated any plans to restore the much-needed Keystone XL. However, he is foolishly and incorrectly stating that oil and gas companies are subjecting Americans to price gouging.

What do you make of the continuous steps the president is taking to completely ruin energy independence in the United States? Let us know whether this is concerning to you at all down below in the comments field.