Biden Makes New Promise Regarding “Assault Weapons”

Joe Biden has never minced words when it comes to his support for gun control. He’s made remarks about “defeating” the National Rifle Association, along with sounding off against so-called “assault weapons.”

Also, at times, the president’s commentary about guns has raised questions about how much he truly knows. For instance, Biden is on record claiming that magazines for handguns can hold dozens of rounds.

He’s also falsely claimed that a pistol can blow an individual’s lung out of their own body. Much of the nation is alarmed by someone with such little apparent knowledge about guns making decisions that impact the lives of firearm owners.

Nevertheless, during a recent Democratic event, the president sounded off against “assault weapons” and stated his plans for these tools, according to Fox News.

In Biden’s Own Words

During a conference for House Democrats, the president declared that even if he has to face “hell or high water,” he is coming after “assault weapons” and weapons that have magazines of a “high capacity.”

This type of rhetoric is very often used by Biden and others in the gun control movement. The president has also been a consistent backer of red flag laws and other measures that often take heat for holding legal gun owners accountable for the actions of criminals.

During the last Congress, Biden also worked with Democrats (who then controlled the House and the Senate) on getting funding passed that would help measures supported by the gun control lobby.

Will It Really Happen?

Just about anyone can get behind a mic and make big promises. However, it is the delivery that truly counts.

Right now, the president no longer has the advantage of his party controlling each congressional chamber. This means if Biden wants to get any sort of gun-related legislation passed, he’s going to have to work with Republicans who control the House.

It goes without saying that House Republicans are not going to vote in favor of a bill that blanketly bans “assault weapons.” Biden’s views on guns remain wildly different from House GOP members, along with millions of other Americans across the country.

Therefore, it remains to be seen if the president is truly going to be able to bring to fruition what he says he will. Right now, it sounds like red meat for his base, much of which wouldn’t be opposed to stripping away gun ownership rights altogether.

On social media, Republicans promptly tore into Biden’s latest remarks about guns in the United States.

Do you think Joe Biden will truly be able to make any headway on gun control with a Congress that is evenly divided between both parties? You can let us know in the comments feed.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.