Biden Makes Final Attempts to Win Voters

Biden acknowledged his multiple failures right before the midterm elections, as he made last-minute efforts to impress voters.

While the president touted his success in job creation, he accepted Americans are struggling with inflation. He also labeled Afghanistan as a “God-forsaken” place, recalling his experience of visiting the war-torn country in 2008.

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Biden’s Last Attempt to Win Midterm

During his speech in San Diego, Biden recalled America’s haphazard withdrawal from Afghanistan. According to Biden, Afghanistan is a miserable place, adding he has traveled to each and every part of Afghanistan.

In his speech, Biden was supposed to talk about the recently passed $280 billion CHIPS and Science Act, but he used most of his speech to talk about his other accomplishments and confess his failures.

For instance, Biden repeatedly tried to brag about his economic accomplishments just a couple of days before the midterm elections.

As per the latest data, the American economy produced almost 261,000 new jobs in October, which urged Biden to speak about his economic policies.

Many liberal economists celebrated the latest jobs report, calling it a success of the economic policies of the Biden administration.

However, some economists also warned most businesses are reluctant to hire people, not to mention that wage growth is also declining at a rapid pace.

So, economists believe these poor economic indicators signify businesses have started making adjustments to the latest policies of the Federal Reserve, which is continuously hiking the interest rates to push the American economy into the doldrums.

Biden Makes Funny Gaffes in His Speech

Meanwhile, Biden also stated he is ready to divert a possible recession that may hit the American economy in the upcoming months. For a long time, Biden repeatedly denied the arrival of a recession, even though many economic indicators suggest otherwise.

Although Biden projected that he was absolutely ready to tackle the recession, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre established the Biden administration had not conducted even a single meeting to tackle possible economic downturn.

Biden also made some glaring mistakes in his speech. He told the audience he spoke to scientists who discovered insulin; they told him that they did not want to patent the insulin to ensure its public availability.

Insulin was discovered in 1922 by John Macleod and Dr. Frederick Banting, who died in 1935 and 1941, respectively. Biden was born in 1942. He was trying to slam the companies that have intellectual rights over COVID vaccines, which hinders the distribution of the medicine.

Apart from that, Biden also signaled the start of a new war on the domestic energy production of America.

The president established he is starting negotiations with oil and gas companies to bring rising prices down. Likewise, Biden claimed he would shut down the remaining coal power plants in America to focus on electricity generation using solar and wind energy.

Biden’s comments about closing domestic energy production came at a time when Americans are already grappling with surging oil and gas inflation, due to the poor domestic oil drilling policies of the Biden administration. 

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.