Biden Leaves Americans to Fend for Themselves in Afghanistan


When questioned last week about American citizens stranded in Afghanistan, the White House claimed it was “irresponsible” to describe these individuals as stranded. Yet, the Taliban’s deadline for U.S. withdrawals has arrived and at least hundreds of Americans are, in fact, stranded.

Biden is taking a lot of heat for his botched mismanagement of Afghanistan. It’s gotten so intense that Democrats up for re-election in the 2022 midterms are trying to distance themselves from Biden.

It’s unfortunate that Biden is adhering to deadlines from the Taliban, rather than committing to getting Americans out of a nation dominated by terrorists, such as the Taliban and ISIS-K.

Fox News sadly confirmed that Americans have officially been left to fend for themselves in Afghanistan.

Biden’s Ultimate Betrayal

Just yesterday, Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. of the Marine Corps confirmed that the remainder of our nation’s troops in Afghanistan are now gone. This admission was followed by another admission; there are at least hundreds of Americans still stranded.

McKenzie specifically stated that the U.S. government did not get everyone out. On Monday, the White House press secretary also confirmed that a supposedly “small number” of our nation’s citizens are in Afghanistan.

This is most interesting (and unfortunate) because Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, is the one who snapped at Fox News reporter Peter Doocey for saying Americans are stranded. Yet days later, it turns out Doocey was right.

Psaki stated that the U.S. government would get home Americans who want to return home; yet, they have failed to do this. What’s even sadder is the Biden administration seemingly has no plan to extract our own people beyond the August 31 deadline.

An Impeachable Offense

Joe Biden has betrayed Americans in a way that is unforgivable. As things currently stand, there’s no telling whether or not our U.S. citizens in Afghanistan will ever find a way out.

It’s important to note that all of this could have been prevented. Had Biden gotten our citizens and allies out of Afghanistan before pulling out troops, the 13 dead Marines would still be alive today; moreover, American citizens wouldn’t be trapped in a nation led by terrorists.

Biden should be impeached at this point. This president handed over a list of names to the Taliban; this list contained names of American citizens and allies who the Taliban should let through. Biden all but sentenced these individuals to death by giving their identities over to the Taliban.

The 46th president lacks the judgment, strategy, and mental capacity to be president. Throwing Biden out of office is imperative.

What do you think about the reality that the Biden administration has now stranded Americans in Afghanistan with no clear way out? Let us know below in the comments section.