Biden Lays Out Plan to “Reboot” Economy

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Under President Biden, the U.S. economy has worsened in just about every conceivable way. Prices are up, inflation is on the rise, and the Biden administration is still pushing to raise taxes, spending, and regulations. 

When Biden first got into office, he immediately rolled back policies set in place by the Trump administration. In doing this, Biden also sabotaged and erased the progress and gains stemming from his predecessor’s reforms. Now, Americans are the ones paying the price. 

“Joe Biden” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Despite the harm he has done thus far, President Biden still believe that he knows what is necessary to rebuild the economy. Breitbart News reports that on Thursday, Biden shared public remarks about the necessary steps for an economic “reboot.” 

Biden’s Plan to “Reboot” the Economy

On Thursday, the current president traveled to Ohio to discuss what he has planned for America’s economic recovery post-pandemic. Per Biden, “some bumps in the road” will materialize as the work to rebuild the economy plays out. The president stated that bringing back the economy is very different from flipping a light switch instantaneously.

Biden then proceeded to tell Americans what to expect. The president believes that “ups and downs” in economic reports and jobs should be expected, as should distortions in prices and supply chain problems.

While in Ohio, the president continued to maintain that his economic agenda is working; this claim came in spite of inflation across the nation. Biden spoke of “record economic growth” under his administration and then dismissed conservatives that are not pleased with his free-for-all spending.

Finally, the Democrat president declared that parents will soon get another stimulus payment due to the American Rescue Plan.  

An Out of Touch President

Biden’s remarks in Ohio yesterday were nothing short of an attempt to appeal to his base and no one else.

Unfortunately, the nation has not seen any “record economic recovery” since Biden made it into the White House. The precise opposite has materialized; hence, why Republicans are so frustrated with Biden’s proposals for more spending and taxes. 

When the president spoke on Thursday, he cavalierly mentioned forthcoming “bumps in the road”; what Biden didn’t mention, though, is that his policies and administration are engendering these bumps. 

Despite what President Biden and the Democrats may believe, you cannot tax a nation into prosperity. Reckless spending that only raises the current deficit is not a recipe to bringing back a successful economy. In spite of this, Biden remains in denial about the consequences of his policies on the nation’s economic recovery. 

What did you think about President Biden’s remarks regarding the U.S. economy? Do you believe that Biden is in touch with what’s truly necessary to restore the economy back to its pre-COVID days? Sound off down below in the comments section.