Biden Launching New Podcast to Revive 2020 Campaign

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Coronavirus has significantly impacted Joe Biden’s presidential campaign and not in a good way. While the former vice president struggled to appropriately conduct himself on the campaign trails, he’s now barely being seen; even Democrats are worried that he’s losing relevance, while Trump gains both positive and negative attention for his management of COVID-19.

In the interest of reviving his campaign, Biden recently launched a new podcast called Here’s the Deal, according to Fox News. In the first episode of his podcast, the former vice president speaks with a former Obama White House response coordinator about the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

A Closer Look at “Here’s the Deal”

During talks with Ron Klain, Biden claimed that his podcast wouldn’t be political. This is a lie. The very nature of Here’s the Deal is political, seeing as it’s being used to boost his campaign. Secondly, Biden couldn’t get halfway through the podcast without making subtle jabs at President Trump. This, too, is political, despite the Democrat frontrunner’s attempt to frame matters in a different way.

Here’s the Deal serves as yet another virtual means for Biden to keep his name out there. Thus far, the former vice president’s virtual appearances have garnered minimal viewership; although, Biden still repeatedly misspeaks, struggles to complete his sentences, and overlaps words with one another.

The Irrelevance of the Biden Podcast

At this time, most Americans are focused on real means to end coronavirus, not partisan opinions from a Democrat seeking election. Here’s the Deal is by no means objective, nor does it offer valuable information that can be used to take on COVID-19.

In a situation such as this, listening to experts, such as healthcare professionals and the coronavirus task force, is utterly wiser than taking pointers from a candidate plighted with severe mental regression.
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