Biden-era Diplomats Accused of Running Defense For Iran

The Biden administration has repeatedly come under fire for how it handles various international affairs. Many Americans believe the president is now making a laughingstock of the United States by projecting weakness on the world stage.

A huge part of this perception goes back to 2021 when Biden pulled US troops out of Afghanistan in what many Americans deemed to be a haphazard and ill-advised choice. This led to the Taliban regaining control of Afghanistan.

Then, months later, Russia invaded Ukraine.

Needless to say, much of the US believes Biden’s foreign policy chops could use some work. Though this administration is now under fire, as its diplomats are being accused of running defense for Iran, according to Yahoo News.

Breaking Down What’s Really Happening

Right now, the United Kingdom is planning to categorize the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) of Iran as a terrorist organization. This categorization is in the works because of IRGC’s history and the threats it poses to citizens of the United Kingdom today.

However, despite all of these details, Biden-era diplomats are reportedly trying to stop the IRGC from being deemed a terrorist organization. These diplomats are allegedly pursuing this course of action because it would hurt Biden’s goal of reviving the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal.

If the United Kingdom succeeds in having IRGC categorized as a terrorist group, then IRGC will be significantly limited in terms of who can join them, where their flag can be displayed, etc.

The Biden-era diplomats who want to prevent this from happening are now reportedly working within certain UK government circles to influence those in power against the decision.

Negative Reactions From Americans

Before the Biden administration came into power, IRGC saw the Trump administration take similar actions that are now being employed by the UK. The Trump administration also pulled America from the Iran Nuclear Deal that Biden is so eager to get us back into.

Now, news of the president’s diplomats working to shield IRGC from being categorized as a terrorist organization is not going over so well.

American critics of Biden are charging him with bending the knee to Iran and putting the wishes of terrorists over our allies.

Right now, the White House has not come out with any public statements concerning what these diplomats are doing and how they could embolden IRGC if the United Kingdom isn’t successful.

At this rate, it remains to be seen what other foreign policy decisions this administration makes that Americans are largely not on board with.

Do you believe Biden’s diplomats are making a mistake in trying to prevent IRGC from being classified as a terrorist group by the United Kingdom? You can sound off in the comments section below.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.