Biden Drops 13 Points in New Poll Following Multiple Gaffes

In recent weeks, Biden has put his foot in his mouth on so many occasions that it’s actually hard to keep track. Some of his most infamous blunders include conflating race with poverty, mistaking the dates of historic, U.S. events, forgetting the timeline of his vice presidential service, and claiming that his healthcare plan will “increase” premiums for the middle class. (In all fairness, the statement regarding healthcare premiums may have simply been a Freudian slip, as opposed to an outright gaffe.)

Due to Biden spouting off one gaffe after the other (and sometimes multiple gaffes in one speech), Americans have known that this would eventually hurt him. The country is now seeing this in yesterday’s Monmouth University survey which shows the 13 point decrease which the now-former frontrunner experienced. This serves as a major blow to Biden who led his Democrat opponents in the polls for quite some time.

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Everything You Need to Know about the Latest Survey

At this time, Joe Biden is at 19% in the polls, whereas Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are now at 20%. This effectively makes Sanders and Warren the dual frontrunners of the Democrat Party, while Biden is the runner up and in second place. That’s got to hurt for the former vice president, regardless of how much his team tries to spin clear and concise data.

Since the release of the Monmouth University survey, Biden’s team has put out the narrative that it’s “an outlier that is contradicted by every measure of the national average.” The Biden 2020 campaign may like for this to be true, but behind the scenes, they know what the reality is.

Biden has repeatedly put his foot in his mouth; his wife telling voters to “swallow a little bit” and vote for Biden (while also claiming that other candidates are better on policy) didn’t help his position in the race. After the ongoing gaffes, Democrats who once viewed Biden as the most “electable” candidate have now seriously reconsidered…and yesterday’s survey is a reflection of that.

More on the Fall of Biden 2020

The former frontrunner of the Democrat Party has not only collectively dropped, but his favorability amongst individual groups has also declined in every area. He’s fallen 14% amongst white Democrats and 17% with voters who aren’t college-educated.

Additional double-digit declines for Biden have occurred amongst men, women, voters above 50, moderate Democrats and conservative Democrats. So, no matter how much Biden and his allies attempt to spin the narrative, the data speaks for itself.

Do you think Joe Biden will continue to sink his presidential campaign with one blunder after the other? Share your predictions with us down below in the comments section.