Biden Drags Obama With Him to Clash With Trump in Pennsylvania

Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama are heading to Pennsylvania this weekend; they’ll face off against Trump in the famous battleground state, which quickly turned into a toss-up as Republicans pressed on.

Obama and Biden will be rallying for Lt. Governor John Fetterman and Attorney General John Shapiro; whereas Donald Trump is set to be campaigning alongside TV persona Dr. Mehmet Oz and Senator Doug Mastriano, all the way across the state in Latrobe.

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“Biden & Obama” by Steve Jurvetson

A precursor to the 2024 election

Despite their efforts though, Fetterman lost a sizable amount of his leadership during his latest debate against Oz; the Trump endorsee is heavily favored in the polls.

Even though this Saturday’s events are of major significance to the candidates on next week’s ballot, this face-off is equally as important to Biden and Trump. They might duke it out for Pennsylvania two years from now as well.

No matter how you look at it, Pennsylvania is the biggest swing state in the US. It’s exactly why it tends to become ground zero at times like these, with many analysts claiming it to be a “microcosm” of the election that will remain purple for a long while.

This is what contributed to Biden’s victory in 2020. He managed to secure 20 electoral votes from the Keystone State, which was also won by Trump four years prior; although Biden’s chances of winning again are abysmal now that he’s shown his full potential.

One Biden is too many

When asked about his opinion on Joe Biden visiting Pennsylvania, one Republican strategist claimed any amount of Biden is too much, adding he doesn’t see how Biden’s presence is going to help anyone in the state.

Democrats, on the other hand, are delighted to see the duo of Obama and Biden together once again, claiming it to be a valuable sight for the Democrat Party ahead of the midterm elections on Tuesday.

In spite of all of this, it remains unclear whether Biden will actually be on the presidential ballot in 2024; his approval rating has tanked to the point that not even his own party members are on board with the idea.

The timing of the event is just as important for Trump though, with Tuesday being a clear indicator of how his supporters view his leadership.

The former chairman of the Republican Party, Rob Gleason, claims the success of Trump’s endorsees will help him see if he’s still “got it.” Also, if the red wave really does happen, Trump is more than capable of taking credit for it.

The 2024 election now seems closer than ever before; with the GOP winning the midterms, it’ll be full speed ahead until Biden is out of office.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.