Biden, Democrats Urged to Send Stimulus Checks to Illegal Aliens

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The issue of stimulus checks is a touchy subject for folks on the left and especially those who voted for Joe Biden.

After the release of $600 stimulus payments under the Trump administration, Biden vowed to send $2,000 stimulus checks “out the door” should he win the presidency and should Democrats take the Senate. Well, Biden is the president, Democrats won the Senate, and yet the $2,000 stimulus payments aren’t happening.

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Instead, the promised $2,000 stimulus payments are now at $1,400. Biden and establishment Democrats argue that this is fine since $600 plus $1,400 equals $2,000; although, many left-wing voters don’t feel happy about this.

The reality is this: following the release of $600 stimulus payments, Biden explicitly promised $2,000 checks, yet he failed to deliver on this. Now, the 46th president and Democrats in Congress are being pressured to also give stimulus checks to illegal aliens, Washington Examiner confirms.

Stimulus Checks for Illegal Immigrants

Biden and Democrats haven’t even kept their promises to the American people; however, this isn’t stopping left-wing organizations from rallying for illegal aliens to receive stimulus payments, courtesy of taxpayer dollars, of course.

The National Immigration Law Center argues that “barriers to relief” will only harm the nation as a collective, rather than getting the economy back on track. Likewise, leftist groups that subscribe to the aforementioned belief argue that many illegal aliens are employed as essential workers and hence deserving of stimulus payments.

This newfound push to include illegals on the list of recipients for coronavirus stimulus payments carries a strong potential to delay proceedings regarding Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

Putting the American People Last

Thousands more Americans have become unemployed since the Biden administration’s arrival in the White House. The pressure for the president to provide stimulus checks to illegal aliens (on the taxpayers’ dime) is no shock. It also shouldn’t come as a surprise if Biden does choose to go this route.

As many Republicans continue to note, the 46th president is making headlines for putting Americans last. Thus far, Biden-era policies aren’t helping workers; they also aren’t doing anything to get the nation’s economy back on track. If things continue as they’ve been, many more American citizens are going to face serious troubles.

Do you believe Biden and the Democrats should provide stimulus payments to illegal aliens? What do you make of the 46th president’s decisions in office thus far? Let us know down below in the comments section.