Biden Demands Sweeping COVID Vaccine Mandates Nationwide

When people feel like they’re being coerced or railroaded into doing something, resistance is a natural reaction. This is something that’s happened throughout history time and time again. However, as new tyrants emerge, they continue to believe that strongarming folks into doing what they want is the right call.

Joe Biden, the current president of the United States, has proven himself to be a tyrant. This president started his term by passing one executive order after the other. He’s also shown absolutely no regard for the subsequent consequences of his executive order.

Yesterday, Joe Biden demanded businesses nationwide that employ more than 100 workers must implement COVID vaccine mandates, as Breitbart News documents.

The Latest COVID Vaccine Push from Biden

On Thursday, Biden railed against unvaccinated Americans and declared that “patience” with them was running low. The president later went on to profess that getting the COVID vaccine is not about freedom or individual choice; he claimed that it’s all about protecting others.

In another segment of his speech from the White House, Biden also declared that he will shield vaccinated Americans from the unvaccinated.

Around the time Biden declared that he would use his presidential power to move Republican governors out of the way, he stated that private businesses with over 100 employees must implement COVID vaccine mandates or weekly testing.

Furthermore, the president communicated that businesses which refuse to abide will face fines to the tune of $14,000 per offense. Biden plans to use the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in order to pass a rule that private companies must mandate the COVID vaccine or require weekly COVID testing.

A Dictatorial President

Many of the same people who voted Biden into office complained that former President Trump was a supposed dictator. Yet, the conduct from Biden is nothing short of how a dictator would govern.

However, despite the man in the Oval Office, freedom still remains the American way. If Biden didn’t like so-called vaccine hesitancy or resistance against COVID vaccines, he just increased this resistance fifty times over.

Republican governors and the national GOP itself have made clear they will not stand for this. These conservative leaders have furthermore announced that once Biden’s mandate goes into effect, they will sue the Biden administration accordingly.

It’s going to be interesting to witness how this all plays out. Biden’s latest stunt pulled yesterday is a direct testament to why Democrats should never be elected into positions of power.

What do you think about Joe Biden’s demands for COVID vaccine mandates in private businesses nationwide? Do you think such mandates will hold up in a court of law? Let us know your views on this in the comments section below.