Biden Criticized Over Performance at G-20 Summit

Since Joe Biden has been the president, he’s caused major concerns pertaining to how the United States is being represented.

In many cases, Biden demonstrates that he’s more concerned with kowtowing to the wants of other nations, rather than projecting strength when it comes to how America is perceived.

Several of Biden’s policy choices — whether it’s sending America’s strategic petroleum reserves over to China or gutting our country’s Keystone XL Pipeline while allowing Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline to proceed — also put other countries’ interests before our own.

Most recently, the president is taking heat over how he handled himself at the G-20 summit, per Fox News.

A Horrible Look

During a Fox News interview, former European Union ambassador Gordon Sondland said there are many issues with Biden’s performance at the G-20 summit.

For starters, Sondland pointed out that Biden seems weak and clueless, due to his overall lack of knowledge regarding what’s happening.

The former ambassador to the EU also implied that Biden didn’t make the right efforts at the G-20 summit to cut through diplomacy and actually take care of business.

How Biden behaves at these summits is a big deal because he’s representing the United States as a whole. World leaders are paying attention to this and taking note, even if Biden himself is not.

Another point that Sondland brought up is the perception that while the president was attending the G-20 summit earlier this month, he did not seem to understand what he was supposed to be doing there.

This too is a problem, especially since Biden — like other US presidents — had a cheat sheet to help him out.

The China Factor

Amid the G-20 summit, the president repeatedly stressed that there were no problems with China. Biden even went as far as claiming there’s no evidence of China having any plans to invade Taiwan.

Unfortunately, this is all too familiar to earlier this year when it was said that Russia would not invade Ukraine. Obviously, this was not correct.

Though for as much as Biden tries to smooth things over with China, the communist regime is not returning the favor to America. In fact, the Chinese government is repeatedly putting out statements that indicate anyone or any nation who crosses them will be sorry.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is also working on increasing his own power globally. This, too, is giving many Americans pause about whether or not Biden is prepared to deal with China.

After all, it wasn’t too long ago when Biden was caught on video falling asleep during an international meeting.

Do you agree with the criticism of Joe Biden’s performance at the G-20 summit? Share with us in the comments area if you believe this president is capable of appropriately representing America on the world stage.