Biden Could Cost Democrats Their Senate Majority

The Biden presidency is not going well. This president is plunging the United States into a series of crises which we have yet to climb out of. Supply chain issues are one example; additional examples include the southern border, inflation, crime surges, and more.

At this time, the White House continues to lie to the American public. They’re trying to get massive, expensive social spending bills forced through Congress, while simultaneously telling the public this legislation won’t cost any money.

Meanwhile, Biden is using the Justice Department to target parents who voice out disagreements with school boards regarding what these schools are teaching their kids. Biden furthermore wants to sick the IRS on Americans’ private bank accounts in order to raise more money for his obscene social spending programs.

As it turns out, Biden isn’t fooling the American public as much as he’d like to be. In fact, the president’s approval ratings are very low in key states that will impact 2022 senatorial races, according to Breitbart News.

Bad News for Senate Democrats

Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Nevada, and North Carolina are each critical states that will impact whether or not the Senate majority tilts back into Republicans’ favor.

A Senate Majority PAC with ties to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer shows that President Biden carries a 52% disapproval rating in the aforementioned states. Back in May 2021, the same PAC poll had Biden at only 43% disapproval.

Low support for the president can (and very well will) likely carry over into whether or not Americans vote for Democrats in the upcoming midterms. As Democrats work to expand the number of seats they carry in the Senate, there’s not much good news they can campaign on.

On top of the Senate Majority PAC, the Democrat Party also has to contend with majority support losses from Independent voters. Countless polls are now showing most Independents in the United States are not supportive of what President Biden is doing.

Taking Back the Senate from Democrats

The poll above sends a very clear message that Republicans have a strong chance of taking back the Senate. Previous polling throughout the year (in addition to mass retirements and shifts from House Democrats) has already indicated Republicans are likely to win back the House of Representatives also.

Restoring Congress back into Republican control matters big time. A Republican-controlled Congress is going to stop the Democrat Party from passing communist spending bills. It will stop Biden from being able to get the IRS to spy on the bank accounts of individuals who earn more than $10,000 per year.

What do you think about this latest poll? Do you believe Republicans will take back the Senate? Share your outlook in the comments field below.