Biden, Congressional Democrats Preparing Pricey Infrastructure Package

Biden’s spending packages do not have the best track records.

Already, 91% of the president’s American Rescue Plan fulfills a series of liberal wish lists; meanwhile, just 9% of the $1.9 trillion actually goes towards coronavirus relief. To make matters even worse, none of the American Rescue Plan provides funding to promptly get children back into schools and classrooms.

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According to Newsmax, Biden has spoken with congressional Democrats about a new spending package that centers around U.S. infrastructure. However, knowing the 46th president, this package will contain much more than advertised (just as the American Rescue Plan does) and not for the betterment of the country.

An Infrastructure Package Under President Biden

Biden’s spending package for infrastructure would center around U.S. bridges, roads, etc. The newfound focus on an infrastructure package comes after the infamous and deadly Texas storms that ruined power grids, water pipes, and other critical resources.

Biden-era national climate adviser Gina McCarthy believes that storms in the Lone Star State speak to a need for stronger infrastructure and more resilient energy systems. Another adviser to the current president has stated that the present infrastructure just isn’t designed to withstand storms like the ones that rocked Texas this month.

Pete Buttigieg, the newly-appointed Treasury Secretary, has declared that the time to become “aggressive” on U.S. infrastructure is now. In 2017, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave America’s national infrastructure a D+ rating; this rating signifies a need for restoring U.S. airports, water systems, mass transit systems, and more.

A Likely Timeline for an Infrastructure Package

Biden’s administration could present an infrastructure package as soon as next month. Throughout the 2020 presidential election, Biden vowed that he’d invest $2 trillion towards clean energy and U.S. infrastructure; however, the White House has announced that the cap on a spending package could exceed $2 trillion.

Per the White House press secretary, Biden is interested in “caregiving” and providing relief to the manufacturing industry. However, many Republicans argue that Biden’s destruction of Keystone Pipeline has already dealt blows to U.S. infrastructure.

In the end, time will determine the particulars of an infrastructure spending package under the Biden administration. This is something Americans should also keep an eye out for as 2021 continues.

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