Biden Confesses “Frustrations” Over Failed $3.5 Trillion Spending Package


Biden’s legacy as president will be nothing more than failure after failure after failure. Biden dropped the ball in Afghanistan; his actions led to U.S. servicemembers being blown up and the Taliban regaining their grasp on power.

Biden’s subsequently failed regarding the economy, energy independence, immigration, and a slew of other critical matters. Not only is this president a threat to America’s national security interests, but he’s also alienating allies who have had good relationships with the United States.

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Now, Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending package that he’s trying to get Congress to pass is turning out to be another failure. The bill is such a hot mess that moderate Democrat Senators Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema are not on board with it. House Democrats also have their issues.

On Saturday, the president spoke with the press, noting his “frustrations” with failing to get his disastrous bill passed into law, as Newsmax documents.

Biden on His “Frustrations” in Washington D.C.

While at the White House, Biden didn’t hesitate to let the media know about his “frustrations” with the present gridlock in Congress. The president declared that part of working in the U.S. government is dealing with frustrations.

Likewise, Biden told the press he will “work like hell” to get his socialist spending bill passed into law. In a rare twist, gridlock is actually working for the good of the American people right now.

Biden’s $3.5 trillion bill is an outright nightmare. It would increase taxes on businesses, individuals, wreak havoc upon the country’s GDP, and cause a series of other issues. The fact that Republican lawmakers and moderate Democrat senators are united in opposing this horrific legislation is a good thing.

Shortly after the president’s remarks, he left Washington D.C. to vacation in Delaware. This marks one of the rare occasions the president has directly spoken to the media.

On multiple times before Saturday, the White House either fed Biden talking points or blocked the press from asking him questions.

The Frustrations of the American People

Biden’s frustrations are not relevant; the frustrations that matter are the ones of the American people. Americans are tired and frustrated with the mandates and tyranny coming from this president.

U.S. citizens overseas are frustrated as Biden deserts them in Afghanistan and then refuses to let rescue charter planes into the United States. Border Patrol officials are frustrated as Biden makes their jobs harder and then threatens to fire them if they aren’t vaccinated against COVID by November 22.

The president needs to take a good hard look in the mirror. His personal frustrations are the least of the problems America is presently facing.

Do you care about President Biden’s “frustrations” regarding his struggling $3.5 trillion spending bill? We look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments section below.