Biden CHEWS Wife's Finger During Iowa Stop

Whenever Americans believe things can’t get any wackier or stranger with 2020 Democrat Joe Biden, they reach a new level of WTF. Since his time as a presidential candidate, Biden has ongoingly made one verbal blunder after the other.

Half of the time, the former vice president doesn’t even know what state he’s in; however, on Saturday, Biden engaged in some peculiar behavior which might be even worse than all the gaffes he’s made.

Bidensafterspeech by Michael M Stokes, on Flickr

Bidensafterspeech” (CC BY 2.0) by Michael M Stokes

Yesterday, on the kickoff day of his “No Malarkey” tour, Biden was seen literally chewing his wife’s finger which she campaigned for him, as documented by Breitbart News. Why the 2020 Democrat viewed biting his wife’s finger as appropriate is something which Biden himself might not even know.

What to Know About Biden Chewing His Wife’s Finger

At this time, the 2020 presidential candidate has yet to release a statement regarding his odd behavior; quite frankly, no one should hold their breath waiting for this to change.

However, the finger-chewing incident occurred when Jill Biden was introducing her husband to Iowa supporters. During remarks, she stretched out her arm which would have hit Biden had he not moved out of the way. Now, rather than leaving it at that, the former vice president decided to start gnawing at her finger.

Biden’s wife attempted to shrug off this obviously strange behavior by laughing, prompting the audience to join her. Jill Biden also pulled her hand back very quickly. Nevertheless, the incident was caught on video and is making the rounds on social media with various Americans weighing in with their thoughts and takeaways.

A Decline in Stability

The optics of Biden chewing at his wife’s finger don’t look good, to say the least. This isn’t going away anytime soon and merely speaks to a clear decline in the 2020 candidate’s mental stability. At this point, there’s no telling what Joe Biden will do next.

Biden42 by Michael M Stokes, on Flickr

Biden42” (CC BY 2.0) by Michael M Stokes

The former vice president’s inability not to bite his wife’s finger and make various verbal gaffes about matters of importance is all the more reason why he shouldn’t be president. If the Democrat Party is foolish enough to give him the nomination, he will most definitely lose to President Trump in the general election.

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