Biden Changes His Tune on Super PACs

“Rules for thee, but not for me,” is a perfect way to sum up the mindset of so many Democrats. Left-wingers have a tendency to preach to others about what’s right and wrong; then, new evidence comes to light and everyone learns that so-called pious Democrats don’t even live by their own words.

2020 Democrat Joe Biden is a prime example of this. The former vice president recently took aim at President Trump for referring to the underway impeachment coup as a “lynching.” However, it didn’t take long for Americans to pull up 1998 footage which showed Biden using the word “lynching” to condemn the impeachment of then-President Bill Clinton.

Joe Biden by marcn, on Flickr

Joe Biden” (CC BY 2.0) by marcn

A more recent example of Biden’s double standards and hypocrisy regards his rhetoric on the use of political Super PACs, as documented by Breitbart News.

The former vice president previously promoted the implementation of higher restrictions on Super PACs; although in the wake of Biden’s recent struggles to financially stay afloat in his campaign, he’s not so opposed to Super PACs after all.

Why Biden’s All in for Super PACs Now

The financial standing of Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign is a significant factor in his new embrace of Super PACs. When the candidate previously condemned these PACs, he had massive capital in his arsenal; however, since spending large sums of cash on travel and swanky hotels, suddenly those Super PACs are looking better and better for Biden.

Why is Biden struggling to raise money, despite his frontrunner status? In a nutshell, he’s not really appealing to “small-dollar donors.” Contrary to the narrative which the former vice president would like for Americans to believe, most of his campaign money has come from donors with significant capital; Biden’s campaign is not, by any means, driven by “grassroots” momentum.

Biden’s 2020 campaign aides have already started to panic over the current state of finances. “Budget cuts” will admittedly follow if the former vice president’s campaign doesn’t raise significant funding very soon; this admission comes from a fundraising email sent out by the Biden 2020 camp.

Between the months of July and September 2019, Biden brought in roughly $15.2 million dollars; this is a far cry from the $19.1 to $25.3 million dollars that candidates Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders have each raised for their own campaigns.

A Look at the Bigger Picture

If Joe Biden is willing to reverse his position on Super PACs when it suits him, what else will he change his mind about? Biden, like other Democrats, is inherently dishonest and will say anything he deems as necessary to win over voters.

Biden9 by Michael M Stokes, on Flickr

Biden9” (CC BY 2.0) by Michael M Stokes

When bashing Super PACs worked well for Biden’s campaign and cast him in a favorable light amongst Democrat voters, he didn’t hesitate. Now that Biden’s campaign is cash-strapped and in need of extra funding, he’s more than willing to embrace Super PACs and whatever else he believes will propel him to securing the Democrat nomination.

This ought to be a lesson to each and every individual who was deluded into believing that Democrats are the morally superior, good guys. In truth, they are the furthest thing from it.

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