Biden Calls For Police Funding, Alienating “Defund the Police” Progressives

Across the United States, Americans can witness the disastrous results that stem from defunding the police.

Crime has risen in multiple cities, causing people to feel more on edge and less safe. On top of that, left-wing district attorneys have consistently chosen to go easy on criminals, rather than holding them accountable.

This, too, isn’t doing public safety any favors.

As time passes, several officials within the Democrat Party have tried to distance themselves from the activism that supports defunding the police. However, to this very day, there are still Democratic lawmakers who want police defunded.

They’ve recently found themselves cast to the wayside as Biden tries to salvage what’s left of the Democrat Party’s image, according to Newsmax.

Biden on Police Funding

During a Capitol Hill memorial service, the president worked hard to portray himself as a supporter of law enforcement.

On Sunday, Biden claimed police need to be funded with training and resources that enable them to re-establish trust with communities.

The president also claimed funding police would play a vital role in cracking down against present “hate” in America.

His words come on the heels of multiple mass shootings that took place this past weekend in California, New York, and Texas.

The president later claimed that he’d work as a “partner” with police, again reiterating the need for public safety and overall trust.

Failure to Confront Counterproductive Policies

When law enforcement apprehends individuals only for them to be turned loose onto the community, days later and without having to pay bail, this doesn’t help police.

In fact, policies such as this actually work against both public safety and police officers who are trying to prevent crime. Biden has never once spoken out against these reforms.

Likewise, the president has never voiced opposition against criminals being let out of prison earlier or treated with kid gloves for crimes like robbery and shoplifting.

Getting behind a microphone and saying that police need funding is something just about anyone could do. However, the true test as to whether or not leaders actually believe in supporting police comes down to their policies.

At this time, Biden continues to stand by as pro-crime policies hurt public safety and the overall morale of law enforcement officers.

It is not enough for police to only be “funded.” Communities also need to support the efforts of police by not allowing counterproductive and ineffective reforms to roll back law enforcement’s work.

Do you think Joe Biden is truly serious about police being funded? Do you believe he will alienate supporters of defunding the police with his latest remarks?

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