Biden Calls for More Law Enforcement, Measures Against Illegal Firearms

Thanks to Democrats’ leadership, the United States is suffering from the consequences of feckless officials and ineffective policies. Right now, inflation is higher than ever because Biden and the Democrats think blowing money is OK.

Likewise, the U.S.-Mexico border is overrun with drugs, illegal immigrants, and other issues, thanks to Biden shutting down reforms from the Trump White House. At this time, however, crime is one of the most dangerous issues facing our nation. This, too, is the fault of Democrats, seeing as Democrats (and Democrats, alone) are the ones who chose to defund law enforcement. 

Amid the uptick in lawlessness, President Biden has been forced to at least look like he’s trying to fix the problem. This is why Biden convened with leaders of the law enforcement community yesterday, per Fox News

An Overview of Biden’s Sit-Down with Law Enforcement Leaders

On Monday, Biden spoke with the law enforcement community at the White House. During this time, the president stated that bringing on board more police officers, in general, is necessary. Biden also made a point of drawing attention to crimes committed with illegally trafficked firearms. 

While at the White House yesterday, the president declared that there isn’t any one solution that will totally fix the problem. However, Biden didn’t hesitate to rattle off some suggestions of his own. Certain suggestions entailed using the American Rescue Plan to boost police funding (including overtime) and directing funds towards mental health services and substance abuse programs. 

Later, Biden also made clear that he’d like to involve the Justice Department in this matter. The president told law enforcement leaders that the Department of Justice could put together different strike forces; these strike forces would solely center around ending the unlawful trafficking of guns. 

Biden’s meeting with law enforcement on Monday comes as congressional members within his own party continue attacking police. 

The Problem with Biden’s Remarks

Yesterday’s meeting made it very clear that President Biden is interesting in framing crime upticks as merely a “gun violence” issue; however, the reality is that many of the crimes being committed have absolutely nothing to do with guns. 

Biden talked about increasing police funding and hiring more officers, yet, Democrats in Congress continue to undermine the crime crisis. Democrats like Reps. Ayanna Pressley and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are still supporting the defunding of police and brushing aside the rise of crime. 

Ultimately, the president’s remarks demonstrate that he hasn’t truly accepted the rise in crime for what it actually is. Furthermore, Biden needs to get his own house — and political party — in order before he comes after the legal gun owners of the United States. 

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