Biden Believes Trump Will be President for "Eight More Years"

Last night marked part two of the second Democrat primary debates. Candidates who remain in the running will meet again to debate again for a final time in September. It is certainly safe to say that each of the candidates entered into the second debate with their claws out.

For many candidates who aren’t doing so well in the polls, last night marked their final opportunity to gain momentum, increase their donations, and rise in the polls. With the first two debates out of the way, many Americans are speculating that certain candidates will drop out of the race if they’re unable to make headway in the polls and with donors.

At this time, Joe Biden has maintained his status as the Democrat Party’s frontrunner; however, he made some questionable statements last night. In his haste to talk about how terrible he believes the president is, the former vice president stated that “eight more years” of President Trump would be catastrophic, as noted by Fox News. It’s unclear whether or not Biden meant to reference a collective eight years or four more years of the current administration.

Reviewing Biden’s Statements on President Trump

Over the course of the 2020 presidential election, Democrats have been working very hard to get elected. One of the key methods they’re employing to win over the support of Americans is fear-mongering about President Trump.

Each and every Democrat candidate who is currently running has spoken about how terrible they believe President Trump is; they’ve also stated that allowing the president to remain in the White House for another four years would bring all types of harm and peril upon the United States. Last night, Biden continued this narrative, despite making what many people are assuming was a mistake in his word choice.

The former vice president’s statements read as follows:

“Four more years of Donald Trump will go down as an aberration. Hard to overcome the damage he’s done but we can overcome it. Eight more years of Donald Trump will change America in a fundamental way.”

When the president wins a second term, he will be serving for four more years which collectively adds up to eight years. A second term for Trump would not be “eight more years,” as Biden asserted.

A Closer Look at Changes in America

There is no doubting that the Trump presidency has engendered change in America. However, these changes are positive, not the dystopian nightmares which Democrats would have the people of this country believe. Since President Trump’s time in office, the economy has flourished, jobs have increased and more Americans are working. Furthermore, taxes have decreased, the stock market is thriving and Americans are keeping more and more of their hard-earned income.

All of this will change if a Democrat is elected to serve in the White House in 2020. The ultimate endgame of any left-wing candidate is to send taxes through the roof in order to fund poor-quality, government run programs which will inevitable result in fruitlessness and failure.

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