Biden Attacks "Lying, Dog-Faced" Voter in New Hampshire

The 2020 primary presidential election has caused Americans to have many revelations; however, the most obvious one of all is that Joe Biden lacks the mental and emotional fitness to become the next president. When Biden isn’t confusing the names of world leaders and forgetting which state he’s in, he’s stammering after one sentence. When the former vice president isn’t stammering and struggling to articulate his thoughts, he’s lashing out at voters and reporters.

Joe Biden supporter by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Joe Biden supporter” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Biden has, on multiple occasions, demonstrated that he can’t handle being challenged. When he’s asked tough questions by the press, he lashes out. When voters challenge them, Biden becomes petty, immature, and insulting. Over the weekend, this happened yet again in New Hampshire, as documented by Breitbart News.

When facing an inquiry about his poor performance in the Iowa caucus from a student voter, Biden instead chose to attack this student, branding her as a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier” rather than answering her question.

Joe Biden vs. American Voters

On Sunday, Biden spent time campaigning in New Hampshire with the clear intention of garnering as much support as possible. Of course, the former vice president once again got in his own way by demonstrating a flagrant inability to handle even the most basic questions from voters.

During his town hall, a female student challenged Biden on his abysmal outcome in the Iowa caucus where he reportedly came in at fourth-place. Branding the former vice president as the “candidate with the greatest advantage in this race,” the student questioned why voters should have confidence in him to win a general election in light of his major loss in Iowa.

Now, although most people in America know that Biden isn’t going to win a general election, the 2020 Democrat still had a shot to answer this question with class. Needless to say, Biden gracelessly missed this shot, instead asking the student whether or not she’d ever been to a caucus.

When the student claimed she had, Biden lashed out, calling her a lying, dog-faced pony soldier.” The former vice president continued, stating that his poor outcome in Iowa doesn’t speak to how well he’ll do in states like Michigan or Pennslyvania.

Reactions to Biden’s Temper Tantrum

Instances like yesterday’s town hall in New Hampshire are why Americans continue to point out Biden’s lack of mental fitness. As previously stated, the 2020 Democrat lashing out at voters and reporters who challenge him is a pattern. Biden has mocked the speech of press members, degraded the weight of voters, challenged voters to push-up contests, and even told Americans “go vote for someone else.”

While campaigning in Iowa before the state’s caucus, Biden attacked several voters there, yet wonders why he polled in fourth place. The best thing New Hampshire voters can do to censure Biden’s tendency to lash out at voters is to make sure that he does just as poorly in their state as he did in Iowa.

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