Biden Aiming to Spend Federal Funds on Booster Shots

Overzealous spending from the federal government has created nothing short of a mess for the American public.

As it turns out, nothing comes for free and now, Americans are paying for all the stimulus checks and other handouts the Democrats insisted on putting through.

Earlier this week, the Federal Reserve spoke publicly about interest rates in the United States. These rates have already been bumped up as a result of inflation. They’re also going to keep climbing until inflation goes down considerably.

Meanwhile, the actions of Biden and the White House aren’t conducive with lowering inflation at all, as PJ Media has covered.

In fact, as this administration pushes for more federal spending, this time on the newest round of COVID booster shots, they’re only dooming Americans to greater inflation and higher interest rates.

Why Biden Wants More Spending on Booster Shots

The White House is claiming that in order for them to be able to get this next round of booster shots properly distributed, more funding is required.

Likewise, the Biden administration warns that more funding will come in handy if “the science” calls for everyone to get a second round of booster shots. The same also applies to potential new vaccines targeted to specific COVID variants.

The White House’s narratives have been backed by the CDC director. According to Walensky, an “investment” of more funding for these booster shots is vital to public health efforts.

However, there are some things about this narrative that don’t quite add up. The most glaring contradiction of all is health officials’ claims that the original COVID vaccines and first booster shots were “safe and effective.”

If this is really the case, then why is there such heavy urgency for new booster shots and new funding to distribute these new boosters?

Not a Good Call

At this time, more spending for booster shots is not a good idea.

The benefits simply don’t outweigh the drawbacks, especially considering where inflation currently stands as a result of government spending.

Of course, the Biden administration and Democratic lawmakers are denying that government spending led to current inflation levels, but they’re lying.

Ultimately, Congress will be the one that determines whether or not more spending happens and inflation gets worse. Last year, Biden’s Build Back Better Act was rejected by Senate Republicans and moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin, due to its spending costs.

If these same lawmakers vote no on another spending bill being pushed by Biden, they’ll seriously be doing the United States a favor.

What do you think about Joe Biden pushing for another spending bill as Americans are suffering from historically high levels of inflation and interest rates? Please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments area.