Biden Administration Slammed for Extending Federal Mask Mandate for Travel

Americans have had their fill of so-called “health” mandates to last a lifetime.

Mandates for people to shelter-in-place, socially distance, and otherwise lock down cost people their livelihoods, in addition to triggering a host of new problems for society.

Last year, Biden tried to impose vaccine mandates on every single worker nationwide who is employed by a big business. Thankfully, Republicans fought this all the way to the Supreme Court, which later tossed out the president’s mandate.

Earlier this year, airline company CEOs and airline personnel wrote to the Biden administration and other federal officials, stating the time to end mask mandates for travel is here.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration did not listen. It actually wound up extending the federal mask mandate for travel into early next month, May 3, as documented by Fox Business.

The Ongoing Federal Mask Mandate

The White House decided to keep the current federal mask mandate going for another 15 days. In doing this, the administration cited supposed increases in COVID cases, along with a reported subvariant extending from omicron.

Meanwhile, airline CEOs have pointed out that every day, people are going without masks in environments that have dirtier air than what exists on airplanes. This, therefore, helps to make the case that mask mandates are no longer necessary.

Likewise, airline companies have pointed out that Biden’s federal mask mandate is having adverse impacts on airline workers who have since become the mask police.

Needless to say, forcing travelers to cover their noses and mouths was never something that airline workers signed up for. Many of these workers would also love to not have to wear face coverings on the job.

The White House on This Latest Extension

On Wednesday, the issue of the federal mask mandate for air travel came up during a White House press briefing.

To be precise, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked whether the administration will just keep issuing one short-term extension of the mandate after the next.

To this end, Psaki stated that she didn’t want to give any forecasts about what might or might not happen in this regard.

However, the press secretary did claim the CDC is working on consistently providing “transparent” updates about this matter to the American public.

Whether the White House wants to admit it or not, most people are ready to move beyond the mask mandate.

This is especially true since virtually every other environment across the country has now rolled back these sorts of requirements.

What do you think about the White House choosing to extend the widely opposed and unpopular mask mandate for travel? Do you believe the Biden administration ever plans to let this mandate expire?

In the comments area below, let us know.