Biden Administration Nervous About Federal Appeals Court Block on OSHA Vaccine Mandate


Things are not going well for the Biden administration’s COVID vaccine mandate they want the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to enforce. The Federal Appeals Court put a stay on the edict, thereby stopping OSHA from moving ahead with it.

When the Biden administration requested the court to relinquish the edict, the Federal Appeals Court only reinforced the stay, confirming it’s not going anywhere until further judicial action occurs.

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The Federal Appeals Court’s take on the mandate speaks volumes. They described the mandatory vaccination order as too broad and not accounting for differences in various workforces. The court also warned of the mandate’s problems regarding statutory and constitutional grounds.

Now, Fox News reports the Biden administration is openly sounding the alarm about what could happen if the mandate gets altogether shut down.

White House Surgeon General Weighs In

Vivek Murthy, the surgeon general, confessed his apprehension about what will happen if the Biden administration’s COVID vaccine mandate gets shut down altogether. Murthy claimed vaccines work effectively and ending this mandate would hurt public health.

What the surgeon general failed to mention is the reality that despite Vermont being the most vaccinated state in America, it still leads in COVID cases. This does not align with the narrative that vaccines “work” and are key to stopping COVID.

Murthy also didn’t weigh in on the countless protests and other peaceful demonstrations Americans have waged against COVID vaccine mandates. It turns out that many folks don’t like having their jobs threatened and or being told they don’t have a choice about whether or not to undergo a medical procedure.

From the looks of things and judging on what the Federal Appeals Court has said about the OSHA vaccine mandate, it does not look like it will withstand the courts.

Stopping the OSHA Mandate

The fight about COVID vaccine mandates is far from over. However, the signs indicate Biden’s federal vaccine mandate will be overturned sooner or later.

Be that as it may, stopping this OSHA mandate is imperative. The White House chief of staff recently retweeted a post announcing that the federal mandate serves as “workaround” for the federal government to require more vaccines than just the COVID one.

This is not a precedent we want to set in the United States. We must not allow the federal government to be able to force medical procedures onto people and weaponize agencies like OSHA to do their dirty work.

Enough is enough. The COVID vaccine is readily available to any individual who wishes to receive it. Biden’s agenda to bully and coerce Americans into getting this shot must be soundly stopped for good.

Do you think the White House knows its COVID vaccine mandate won’t last for long? Let us know in the comments area below.