Biden Administration Looking to Introduce New Mileage Tax

"Joe Biden and Kamala Harris" (Public Domain) by US Department of State

During the 2020 presidential race, President Trump warned that taxes would increase if Joe Biden became the next president. Less than one week into the Biden administration has already proven that the 45th president’s warning was not without merit.
Thus far, Biden’s signed one executive order after the other. The timeframe in which the 46th president has signed so many executive orders supersedes that of past presidents on both sides of the aisle.

“Kamala Harris” (Public Domain) by US Department of State

It appears as though Biden is just getting started, however. According to Townhall, a new policy proposed by Transportation Secretary nominee Pete Buttigieg would significantly increase taxes on rural Americans.

Taxing America into Oblivion

In a nutshell, Buttigieg seeks to move the nation away from the gas tax and replace this with a mileage tax.
The Transportation Secretary nominee argues that taxing Americans based upon the number of miles they drive would allow money for the Highway Trust Fund; however, since rural Americans disproportionately travel more miles than their urban counterparts, the rural community would have to pay significantly higher taxes.

This proposal to increase taxes on Americans arrives as so many people in this nation are struggling with unemployment; as we all know, months-long shutdowns contributed to the loss of jobs for so many people. It’s also important to note that rural Americans aren’t exempt from the massive hits to employment.
A mileage tax would not only increase taxes on folks in rural areas, but it would also arrive at an unsuitable time. Just last week, Biden nuked thousands of good, reliable union jobs when he pulled the construction permit for Keystone pipeline.

Less than One Week of the Biden Administration

This upcoming Wednesday will mark one full week since the Biden administration’s rise to power.
Already, thousands of jobs are gone and higher taxes are being proposed. The 46th president signed his promised mask mandate, yet also broke this mask mandate multiple times on federal properties.

Many of Biden’s executive orders have centered around rolling back Trump’s policies; likewise, the 46th president is also prioritizing mass amnesty for illegal immigrants while taking zero action to fix the nation’s struggling economy.
All of this arrives as the Democrat Party controls the House and the Senate. In light of the current conditions, many Republicans are looking forward to 2022 as an opportunity to take back the House of Representatives and regain the Senate majority.
What do you think about a potential mileage tax replacing the gas tax? Is it a good idea to kill jobs and raise taxes amid an economic crisis? Let us know your thoughts on the Biden administration thus far in the comments section below.