Biden Administration Gears Up Program to Feed Children During Summertime

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

For the past year, children in America have suffered a rough go of things. The shutdown of schools and classrooms forced young people into isolation away from their peers and friends. Furthermore, online learning is a challenge for many children who require face-to-face interactions to learn and grow in healthy manners. 

“Joe Biden” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Due to the impact that lockdowns have had on jobs and parents, this too is trickling down to kids. Many parents rely on open schools as not just a place for their kids to learn, but also somewhere for children to eat. 

According to Newsmax, the Biden administration is presently working on a program that would provide meals to roughly 34 million school-aged kids during the summertime. 

A Closer Look at the Program to Feed Children During the Summertime 

The Agriculture Department will proceed with the feeding program ultimately designed to take on child hunger. Funded by Biden’s American Rescue Plan, the federal government will provide parents with $6.82 per weekday for each kid to be fed during the summer. 

Tom Vilsack, the secretary of the Agriculture Department, stated that this summer feeding program will ultimately take on child hunger in America like never before. Folks should also know that the American Rescue Plan will grant parents this summer a child tax credit involving monthly payments which will end before 2022. 

However, if President Biden gets his way, the aforementioned payments could last until the end of 2025. Later this week, when Biden delivers his first congressional address, he will announce this extension plan. Democrats, meanwhile, are already stating that these payments from the government should be permanent. 

Social Safety Nets in America

Biden and Democrats are a huge fan of social safety nets in the United States. The left believes that these safety nets are not only necessary during times of crises, but should become part of the norm, no matter what.

This is where the divide begins between the left and the right. There is a fine line between helping people put out of work due to circumstances beyond their control vs. mollycoddling people who don’t want to work and therefore disincentivizing returns to the labor force.

No one wants children to go hungry or starve. However, social safety nets are commonly used by Democrats as vehicles to make people dependent on government, rather than liberating people from poverty. 

What do you think of the summer feeding program of the Biden administration? Do you think Democrats misuse social safety nets in America for political gain? Let us know in the comments section below.