Biden Administration, CDC Facing Lawsuit from Florida

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Countless American workers in different sectors have been hurt by shutdowns. While strides to fully reopen the country have certainly progressed, there are still some folks hurting by keeping kept out of work. 

The cruise industry in Florida is one prime example. Thanks to the Biden administration and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the cruise ban remains in effect. This ban isn’t scientifically based, but rather a measure that the government and CDC have deemed as not a problem. 

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Florida feels differently, as do the cruise workers dying to get back to their jobs. This is why the state of Florida has brought a lawsuit against both the Biden administration and the CDC, as reported by Newsmax

A Closer Look at Florida’s Lawsuit Against the Biden Administration and CDC

On Thursday, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis announced the state’s lawsuit against the Biden administration and the CDC. DeSantis explained during a Miami press conference that tens of thousands of Floridians have suffered due to the cruise ban lasting for over a year at this point. 

The Florida governor then declared that the federal government is not entitled to bring an industry to its knees for more than a year when the data and evidence don’t support this. DeSantis later confirmed that Florida is choosing to “fight back” against tyranny from the federal government. 

Florida’s lawsuit against the CDC and Biden administration did not come without warning. In March 2021, DeSantis called upon the federal government to give cruises the clear to sail again by this summer. Thus far, the federal government has declined to act. 

Ending Government Overreach

Concerns about government overreach continue to dominate U.S. discussions pertaining to COVID-19. Many of the restrictions enabled or backed by the federal government are not backed by science; furthermore, governments keeping restrictions in place seem in no rush to relinquish these limitations or the power they wield over individuals’ lives. 

Florida has consistently led the nation in maintaining freedoms while also quashing COVID-19. Many conservatives are supportive of the lawsuit against the CDC and Biden administration; furthermore, there are considerable calls for Governor DeSantis to run for the White House in the 2024 election. 

For now, however, the Florida leader will continue to lead the Sunshine State. Time will ultimately determine what becomes of the lawsuit to get cruises sailing again. 

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