Biden Administration Backs Away from Comments Downplaying Retail Thefts

Smash and grab retail thefts are taking America by storm.

In too many videos to count, individuals are breaking into stores, seizing merchandise, and then running away. Furthermore, during these smash and grab episodes, there are increasingly recurrent attacks against store employees in the vicinity.

Nevertheless, some Democrats still want to act like they aren’t up to speed with what’s happening. House Democrat AOC outrightly claimed she has doubts about the legitimacy of these smash and grab retail thefts.

Meanwhile, Lori Lightfoot, the Democrat mayor of Chicago, had the audacity to claim the fault lies with retailers for not effectively protecting their merchandise. In the wake of this rhetoric, the Biden administration was questioned about these remarks.

As it turns out, press secretary Jen Psaki’s response to this rhetoric was very interesting, as reported by Fox News.

What the Biden Administration Thinks of Smash and Grab Retail Thefts

During Tuesday’s press conference, Psaki stated the White House’s views about smash and grab robberies are not in keeping with remarks exposed by Ocasio-Cortez or Lightfoot. Psaki also claimed the Biden administration is working with federal law enforcement agencies to ensure police departments at city levels have the necessary support.

Later, the White House press secretary declared the video scenes of individuals carrying out robberies are “disturbing.” Psaki did not get into specifics regarding the collaborations between the federal government and police departments at local levels.

Smash and grab thefts are overtaking leftist cities across the country, many of which previously defunded their own police departments. Thus far, the communities to suffer the hardest hits are Chicago, San Francisco, etc.

What Will It Take to Stop Smash and Grab Episodes?

On Tuesday, Psaki talked a good game about the federal government supposedly working with law enforcement at city levels. However, this just isn’t good enough.

Many of the communities stifled with these sorts of crimes have lackadaisical laws on the books. In California, for instance, the watering down of cash bail is a serious problem.

Quite frankly, it’s almost pointless for police officers to arrest individuals for breaking the law if they’re just going to be cut loose to run wild within a matter of days. States that opt for measures like weakening cash bail, defunding the police, etc., are not doing their communities any favors.

Smash and grab retail thefts will stop when communities get serious and end their permissive attitudes towards crime. It’s also no coincidence that these episodes are transpiring in cities where Democrats are calling the shots.

They have the power to implement change. Now, it’s time for them to act.

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