Biden Accuses Trump of Misogyny

The walls keep closing in on 2020 Democrat Joe Biden as the depths of his corruption are exposed. Despite his best efforts, Biden still hasn’t managed to escape from his past quid-pro-quo and malpractice with Ukraine. In order to save himself, Biden continues to place the onus on President Trump and claim that Trump is the truly guilty party. Thankfully, the majority of Americans simply aren’t buying it.

New developments have shown that Biden’s campaign is headed for trouble, as it pertains to finances. Apparently, the former vice president is spending more funds than he’s raising, which is yet another reason why Biden has no business being president.

Vicepresedintele Joe Biden in Romania by U.S. Embassy Romania, on Flickr

Vicepresedintele Joe Biden in Romania” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by U.S. Embassy Romania

There’s a pattern with Biden, however. Whenever he is in the hot seat, Biden attacks President Trump as a means of deflecting and taking the attention off himself. That’s what Biden did on Thursday when he accused Trump of misogyny.

News from the Washington Examiner confirms that Biden accused the president of “belittling” and “degrading” women.

A Closer Look at Biden’s Accusations Against Trump

On Thursday, Biden spent time campaigning at the DNC Women’s Leadership Forum. Of course, Biden couldn’t talk about his own track record with women, so he had to fear-monger about President Trump. The former vice president declared that Trump has spent “his whole life” mistreating women and is now attempting to “strike at the heart of our democracy.”

In Biden’s own words:

“I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that Donald Trump not only is a president who has belittled women and degraded them his whole life, he is now going beyond that and striking at the heart of our democracy!”

See the full debacle for yourself right here:

Of course, Biden’s claims about the president’s treatment of women are simply not accurate. Throughout Trump’s time as a businessman, he hired women to work at various high-level positions in his companies, even when doing this wasn’t popular or common.

Keeping quiet about people’s track records with women might be in Biden’s best interest, however. Shortly after launching his 2020 presidential campaign, numerous women came out against Biden with accusations of inappropriate physical contact.

Pointing the Finger

Like many other Democrats, Biden has a tendency to accuse others of what he is personally guilty of. It’s not a good look at all. When the aforementioned women came out against Biden and alleged that he behaved inappropriately with them, the former vice president had every excuse in the book.

Joe and Jill Biden by acaben, on Flickr

Joe and Jill Biden” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by acaben

For someone who supposedly cares about women, Biden has a very eerie way of showing it. Quite frankly, his time would be much better spent focusing on his own campaign. Repeatedly going after Trump with bogus claims will not the erase the numerous issues which Biden is facing as a presidential candidate.

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