Beyond Parody: LGBT Magazine Says It's 'Racist' For Trump To Demand Iran Stop Killing Gay People

Out Magazine’s recent criticism of the Trump administration’s decision to take on homophobia across the world is an example of the peak lunacy and idiocy which the liberal left has reached.

Why Does Out Magazine Oppose Trump’s Efforts to End Homophobia?

According to Out Magazine, the president’s decision to combat homophobia is “racist.” Racism is an age-old buzzword which the left frequently employs against the right-wing. One would think that ending homophobia is an issue which would garner bipartisan support, but unfortunately, there seems to be no such luck. Out Magazine’s status as a pro-LGBT publication is another factor which makes their accusation against the Trump administration even more shocking.
This is yet another example of the left’s hatred of President Trump outweighing their common sense. Just about anyone can agree that people should not be executed or thrown off buildings simply for being gay. However, because Democrats hate Trump so much, they are unable to get behind the movement to end homophobia across the world. The left may hate this current president, but regimes like Iran and Islam are no friends to the LGBT community.
If the left is as serious about the rights of LGBT people as they claim to be, perhaps they should put aside their hatred of the president for two seconds and focus on an initiative which ought to unite all Americans, regardless of political affiliations.
How insane is it that Out Magazine and other leftists would oppose an initiative to end homophobia? Sound off in the comments section down below!
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