Bernie Sanders Wants to "Deconstruct" the Department of Homeland Security

Thanks to the Democrat Party, the institutions which uphold the rules, liberties, and freedoms of America are under attack like never before. Over the past few years, those on the left have articulated their interests in doing away with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and even the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Progressives furthermore have no qualms about expressing their disdain for other members of law enforcement, even going as far as to chant in the streets about how much they love “dead pigs.”

Yesterday, an interview leaked of 2020 Democrat Bernie Sanders discussing the DHS, as documented by Breitbart News. In this interview, Sanders actually calls to “deconstruct” the DHS and noted that he voted against the original establishments of both the DHS and ICE.

At this point, the nature of rhetoric from Sanders isn’t shocking, but it’s important for Americans to know what this leading candidate in a major political party is pushing for.

Why Does Sanders Want to “Deconstruct” the DHS?

Sanders’ talk of deconstructing the DHS came after he was asked about whether or not he supports the abolition of ICE. In essence, the 2020 Democrat made the case that abolishing ICE isn’t enough; Sanders believes that taking things a step further and doing away with the DHS altogether is the best course of action for the United States.

In Sanders’ own words:

“Yeah, you could say abolish ICE, but, you know what, so you can have another organization. … It does exactly the same thing. So, to me, it’s not abolishing ICE, but it’s abolishing what ICE is doing.”

The interviewer later follows up by asking Sanders whether or not “we have to deconstruct the Department of Homeland Security.”

The 2020 Democrat’s response is quite clear:

“Yes, absolutely. Reorganize it. Deconstruct it. Use whatever word you want. The answer is yes!”

The Face of the Democrat Party

At this point, there is absolutely no denying who Democrats are or what they stand for. The left-wing, under the guise of progressivism, has continuously called for measures and reforms which would fundamentally turn this nation upside down.

Democrats want to deconstruct the DHS; they want to abolish ICE. Countless left-wing candidates have expressed an interest in either booting Americans off their private healthcare or restoring the Obamacare individual mandate which forced working people to buy healthcare which didn’t work for them, in many cases. Democrats want to give free healthcare to illegal immigrants, at the expense of taxpayers and they want to redistribute medical debt and student loan debt to individuals who never asked for it.

More and more, Democrats like Bernie Sanders are showing this country who they truly are…and that is the enemy of the people.

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