Bernie Sanders Wants Felons to Vote

If Bernie Sanders had his way, felons would be able to vote in the United States of America.
Sanders’ support for felons being able to vote includes those who are currently incarcerated and carrying out their prison sentences behind bars, as documented by Fox News.

The Push for Felons to Vote in America

While on the campaign trails in Iowa, Sanders provided the following explanation to justify his position on felons being able to vote:

“In my state, what we do is separate. You’re paying a price, you committed a crime, you’re in jail. That’s bad, but you’re still living in American society and you have a right to vote. I believe in that, yes, I do.”

Other Democrats have hesitated to openly support the idea of felons who are currently serving their sentences being able to vote. When asked about the matter, Elizabeth Warren claimed that it’s “something we can have more conversation about.”

The Opposition

As one might imagine, there is a fair amount of opposition towards the idea of allowing felons to vote, especially those who are still serving their sentences in prison. Those who disagree with Sanders argued that allowing felons to vote is contradictory towards the purpose of jail, which is to keep criminals away from society.
The Republican National Committee issued the following public statement in regards to Sanders’ position on felons voting in America:

“From suggesting that illegal immigrants should be able to vote, to trying to lower the voting age to 16, to now proposing convicted felons behind bars should be able to vote, Democrats are once again trying to rewrite the rules for their own political agenda. When they can’t win at the ballot box, Democrats instead try to rig the system in their favor.”

What do you think about Bernie Sanders’ proposal? Do you believe that felons, including those currently behind bars, ought to be able to vote? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!
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